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Three Amazing Real Life Batcaves

The batcave is more than a secret bunker where Bruce Wayne can perform forensic analysis and one-armed pull-ups.  It represents a place of power and rejuvenation, where he can gather his thoughts and let his guard down before facing another challenge.  Here are three places where probably none of that happens.

Chris Weir’s $120,000 Basement Batcave

Batman fan Chris Weir’s collection may look subdued upon first passing, but a hidden switch inside an iconic Shakespeare bust reveals a hidden door behind a bookcase.  Step inside and you’ll discover a private Batman theater, the plaster cave walls framing a 120″ screen along with the actual batsuit used in the Dark Knight films.


The Eden Motel Batman Room

For those super-fans who can’t afford an at home batcave, you could always rent the Batman room from the Taiwanese Eden Motel.  Decked out with dark knight insignias and decor from top to bottom, the suites centerpiece is a Batman bed with cutaway Gotham city motif/headboard.


The Bronson Caves – The “Actual” Real Life Batcave

Used in the exterior shots for the 1960s Batman television series, the caves within the Bronson canyon may be the most famous in the world.  What began as a man-made tunnel in a rock quarry has been featured in more than 100 movies and tv series including Mission Impossible, Star Trek and Twin Peaks.  The caves are open to the public and located in Los Angeles right below the Hollywood sign.

Here it is in action:

Real life Batman Batcave Real Life Batcave