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The Ultimate Guide To The Cosmic Armor Superman

The Ultimate Guide To The Cosmic Armor Superman

This article is about the most powerful version of Superman to ever exist. And exists in the fourth dimension. This basically means that he is more powerful than any other version of Superman as they all exist in the third dimension. We know that Superman is the most powerful character of DC Comics. And is even one of the most powerful characters of all comic book history. But Cosmic Armor Superman is on a different level. He is even more powerful than Superman One Million. Cosmic Armor Superman has only appeared twice in the Final Crisis crossover.

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Final Crisis Crossover is written by Grant Morrison. Although he is an excellent writer but is also famous for writing really confusing and even more hard-to-understand stories. The Cosmic Armor Superman is the most overpowered version of Superman. And is responsible for safeguarding the entire DC Multiverse. So in order to understand what Cosmic Armor Superman is and how he protects the Multiverse. We will first need to understand the concept of Multiverse and other layers of the entire DC universe.

Framework Of DC Universe

You can understand the framework of the DC Universe by imagining it to be composition of several layers. Each layer represents a different portion of the DC Universe. And rarely do we even encounter these layers. So to allow you to understand these layers we will describe each layer separately.

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The primary layer of the DC Universe is the Earth Zero or Earth-Prime that we are familiar with. This Earth has all the Superheroes that we read about in the comics. But there are parallel Earths where these characters exist in different iterations. For Example Earth 3 has Ultraman instead of Superman and is home to The Crime Syndicate. Which in itself is a villainous iteration of The Justice League.

There are a total of 52 parallel Earths where our favorite characters exist simultaneously in different iterations. All of these parallel Earths collectively make up the DC Multiverse. Energy called “The Bleed” exists in all the space between these parallel Earths and is responsible for holding the Multiverse together.

Sphere Of The Gods

The layer next to the Multiverse is called the “Sphere of The Gods”. This sphere houses celestial worlds and beings of the DC Universe. It is in this sphere that heaven and hell lie. New Genesis and Apokolips also lie in this layer of the DC Universe. This is the extent that most comic books are limited to.

But a layer of beings also exists outside this “Sphere of The Gods”. And to understand Cosmic Armor Superman we will need to explore this next external layer. The next Layer is called “The Monitor Sphere”

“The Monitor Sphere”

The next layer that exists in the DC Universe is “The Monitor Sphere”. This layer is separated from the “Sphere Of Gods” by a realm known as Limbo. The Limbo is the place where our concepts of matter, physics, and memory, or any other thing become invalid. This sphere is home to the Monitors. The function of each Monitor is to watch over each planet of the Multiverse. These monitors were made when a large entity called “The Over-Monitor” divided itself into several smaller entities.

One of these Early Monitors was Dax Novu. Dax was the Monitor who discovered that the Monitors can feed off the energy of the Multiverse to become more powerful. But as a result, they could potentially destroy the Multiverse. The other monitors locked him up inside a tomb after knowing Dax’s intentions. But before they are able to do so, Dax had started to feed off the energy of the Multiverse and as a result, his appearance changed to that of a villainous vampire. He starts to call himself Mandrakk or The Dark Monitor before others locked him up.

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Cosmic Armor Superman

Millions of years later, Mandrakk is able to escape from his tomb. And with his escape the destruction of the Multiverse is imminent. One of the Monitor’s comes to recruit Superman who is beside a sick Lois Lane. On Clark’s refusal the Monitor offers him a cure for Lois. After Clark agrees, he discovers that the Monitors have gathered Supermen from all other planets as well.

As the story progresses, we see that Cosmic Armor Superman is actually a giant robot. The monitors made this robot for the sole purpose of fighting Mandrakk. And they combine the energy of Superman and Ultraman inside this robot to power it. The Cosmic Armor Superman is therefore powered by memories, symmetry, duality, and all possibilities and probabilities.

It is because of this reason that Cosmic Armor Superman is also called the “Thought Robot”. He is said to exist in the fourth dimension so the bounds of the third dimension at which the Multiverse exists, do not affect him.

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Fight With Mandrakk

Cosmic Armor Superman takes on Mandrakk and the fight ensues between The Dark Monitor and the most powerful version of Superman. During the fight the Thought Robot listens to a weakening heartbeat of Lois Lane which powers him even more. He is then able to defeat The Dark Monitor with a surge of his Energy blast that rips through Mandrakk.

The only feat that this version of Superman is able to fight Mandrakk is a testament to his power. Because at this point Mandrakk has become the most powerful entity of the entire DC Universe. And the fact that he was able to take on The Dark Monitor and is able to withstand all of his attacks. And is ultimately able to defeat him, speaks volumes about the power of the “Thought Robot”.

Superman is able to cure Lois of her illness after the fight with the help of the Monitors.

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Plot Device

In a broader perspective, Cosmic Armor Superman is a plot device because his major power is he can adapt to whatever he needs to be. And is actually used by the writers to make anything Canon or change their established canon whenever they want. And that is the reason there is only one appearance of this Superman.


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