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The Best Batsuit: 15 Best Batman Batsuits

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The Batsuit is one of the first things that standouts in every Batman show or movie. Many have put their own spin, colors, capes, armor and changed many other touches to the suit. We wanted to layout once and for all the 15 Best Batsuits to ever be made.

For a Batsuit to work, there needs to be an element of fear to the suit. Batman’s entire idea is to become a symbol that automatically strikes fear in the hearts of any bad guy. After making people fear there is nothing to say that the suit cannot also look cool. Let’s get into the list.

15. Adam West Batsuit

The Batsuit from the 60s TV show is clearly not the best. It does not take a genius to know that the Batsuit has clearly gotten better over time. This suit feels old with the clunky, ugly yellow belt, The cheap gloves, and the fact that Adam west was not even swole! Do you even lift, bro?

The cape looks like it was taken from a window curtain, and his tight underpants are not a good look. Even when you look at the logo on the Batsuit, it’s a bit low, small, and not the best symbol we have seen, the suit worked for its time, but we can do better here.

14. The OG Outfit From Batman Begins

After Bruce returns to Gotham in Batman Begins, he needs to talk with Gordon but does not really have the whole Batman deal worked out yet. He puts on a ski mask and some essential tactical gear and goes on a mission. He gets behind Gordon to leave a message and then runs away.

When he is running, he has to jump from the roof of one building to another. Bruce Wayne gets a lot of respect here. He is not wholly Batman yet, meaning this is an ordinary guy doing this stuff. It takes a lot of courage to pull off this small mission. For that reason alone, this outfit makes the best Batsuit list.

13. Ben Affleck Knightmare Suit

The Knightmare Batsuit is not traditional, but it comes straight out of the comics, and it’s so cool. It Like upper body is business with the normal Batsuit, whereas the legs are like some slim fit cargo/khakis. He rocks his goggles to keep the dust out of his eyes as well.

What is there not to love here? This Batsuit looks like it’s for the times when Batman is not sure if it’s going to be all business or he might need to head out for a date with Selina Kyle after. There are not many Batsuits that bring the swag that this outfit brings with it.

12. Batman Begins Batsuit

Back to Batman begins! The Batsuit here is reliable, but there is just nothing special about it. There is no wow to the suit. It’s black all the way across, and there are no details on it that make it pop. His gloves and forearm sleeves look kind of cheap.

This suit makes sense for the story because it’s his first one. You gotta give him a chance to get his gear together. He was ordering parts with Alfred and just getting things figured out. You can’t expect him to have the coldest suit on day 1. Let’s be clear, the suit is not awful, there are just some better ones.

11. Batman Forever

The Batman forever suit is hard to show love to because the movie itself was so awful. When you overlook the film, you can see that this suit has potential. The abs on the suit look great! The logo on the chest is classic and one of the best made. All black is also a bonus on the suite. There is not much to knock on the suit; there are just others that are better.

10. Batman Returns

The Batman Returns bat soon would have been better if they did not change it at all. The biggest blunder they made with this suit is the abs. It looks like the shoulder of a samurai. The other weird change on this suit was the shape of the chest plate. It’s just a weird ship near the middle of the chest for no reason.

The reason this is so low is mostly that they had no reason to change this suit. When something is not broken, there is no need to fix it. That makes no sense. The Original Batman in 1989 got it right; they just had to keep it going!

9. Animated Series

The animated series has left one of Batman fans’ most significant impacts because the show was so good, and so many people watched it. If you think about it, it looks like the Adam West version with one key difference. Batman actually got in the weight room.

It’s so important that the Bat Suit makes him look menacing weather due to the actual Batsuit or the muscular Bruce Wayne in it. You have to make a choice here. This suit is immaculate, but it’s classic and extraordinary.

8. Batman Rebirth Batsuit

The rebirth Batsuit makes a list only from that Bat logo. It’s unique, and it’s one of the only places that you see it. The grey suit is pretty basic, but the yellow outline on the logo and the belt really makes it stand out. The case is just designed so well.

7. Batman vs Superman Suit

The best thing about the Batman vs. Superman suit is the fact that it looks scary. It looks like whoever wears it is not someone you want to fight with. It does an amazing job of showing off the brute strength of batman.

The shorter ears move away from the dorky feel that Batman ears can sometimes have. They make the Batman outfit look much more like a dog with cropped ears. The fear factor is off the charts here.

6. Batman Beyond Batsuit

The Batman beyond suit is the most different suit on this list. It gets the furthest from the typical Batman suit, and it’s ok because the suit is awesome, and the show is even better.

The suit does not have a cape, and it makes it much sleeker. It also reminds us of the scene from Incredible’s where Edna tells Mr. Incredible no capes.

The suit feels like the most freeing without the cape. He still has wings that came come out when he wants them to. You feel like you can see Batman fight much better without a cape on.

5. Armored Suit

The armored suit is amazing, and it was made just for Superman. Batman has always had a contingency plan to be able to deal with the Man of Steel. The suit looks lethal. No one wants to throw a punch at this thing!

It transforms batman and his fighting machines into the robot that you don’t want to mess with. The details of the suit are not as excellent as others, but it does not matter. The suit serves a purpose, and it does that job well.

4. Arkham Trilogy

Arkham Trilogy is often forgotten when it comes to the best Batsuits, but we made sure not to make that mistake. The Outfit is easily one of the best designed. It has the classic grey and then the yellow utility belt, but it also just looks badass. The armor on the suit looks like it does a good job protecting him without limiting movement.

The bat logo is unique but still has a modern menacing touch to it. His forearms look massive to pack a huge punch, but he also has gadgets for days filled within them.

3. Batman & Robin Batsuit

We may get some flack for putting anything from Batman and Robin this high on any list, but please hear us out. The Batsuit from the movies that they switched to in the end is worth talking about. Though the silver does look a bit tacky like everything in that movie, it wins on function.

These suits and the gadgets that came with them were fantastic because they helped them defeat Mr. Freeze in the cold. It’s the only movie that made a suit specifically designed to help defeat a bad guy. If Batman wore another case, but it did not allow him to win, what would be the purpose? You have to choose a function every time.

Remember when Under Armor came out with the cold gear? It was amazing, you cold play football in cold weather and stay warm and agile. This suit feels a lot like that!

2. The Original Batman Movie Suit

The Original Batsuit is still one of the coldest in the game. It was simple and did not have a lot of razzle-dazzle. But the Bat logo was excellent, the belt stood out on the black, and the all-black design indeed created a terrifying effect. This was the first time all black was used and made famous.

When you think of the Dark Knight’s name, you want to see a figure that can blend with the dark. This suit made it possible to do that. When he spreads his cape like bat wings, it made it soo much more relaxed. This is one of the original Batsuits, but it fits the world entirely.

1. Dark Knight Batsuit

When he switches to this suit in Dark Knight, it automatically took the number one spot because he could now turn his head. He spent so many years before this not being able to do that. It’s mind-blowing that a billionaire would spend this many years fighting crime in a suit that he could not turn his head in.

The Dark Knight suit looks like the best mix of fear-inducing, protective, flexibility, muscle showing suit that you can get. It gives Batman everything he would need to kick as except for protection from knives. The case looks breathable and well ventilated. Out of all of the movies, it’s the one suit that does not look uncomfortable to be in.

Final Thoughts On The Best Batsuit

Choosing the best Batsuit is subjective based on what everyone decides is important in a good suit. It is also hard to separate the movies from the suit. Often, if you like a movie, it’s easier to like the suit that went with it and vice versa.

The Best Batsuit is really about the one you think best embodies what Batman is about. I chose Batman & Robin because adjusting to decreasing the advantage that Mr. Freeze had is just like changing by getting the armor suit to fight Superman. Batman does what is needed to save Gotham and win. That’s all that matters.

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