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Most Powerful Superhero: Five Strongest Batman Allies

Most Powerful Superhero

When choosing who the most powerful superhero is, that position can be quite difficult to fill. This is because as powerful as some heroes are, they have weaknesses that have been exploited over the years, and many people agree that the most powerful is one without such weaknesses. Also, the definition of power is very loose, and some may argue for one factor of strength, while others argue for another.

But never mind that. One of the best superheroes in existence is Batman, and while he may not be the most powerful on account of his humanity, he has held his own in even the craziest of situations. But let’s shift our gaze from the masked detective and focus on his more powerful, less human allies.

The Caped Crusader has teamed up with some of the most amazing superheroes in his years as a crimefighter and upholder of justice. These men, women, gods, and aliens can successfully fit the Most Powerful Hero bill. Let’s find out what makes them so strong.

Quick disclaimer, this list comes in no particular order. It would not be easy to rank these powerful beings in any justifiable order.

Most Powerful Superhero #5: Green Lantern

Let’s face it, being an all-powerful being whose only weakness is his imagination is pretty bonkers. Just imagine what you could do with that sort of power. Well, that is exactly why Hal Jordan, aka The Green Lantern, is on this list in the running for a most powerful superhero.

Well, full disclosure, we’re considering every other Green Lantern, such as Guy Gardner, Jon Stewart, Jessica Cruz, or one of the aliens Kilowog and Abin Sur, but Hal Jordan is the poster boy for this green team. Anything can be done with the Green Lantern ring; all it requires is just a thought, and voila!

That’s pretty amazing on its own. But that isn’t the sole reason why the Green Lantern could be the most powerful superhero. It’s the fact that the Green Lantern is perpetually unstoppable. Should a green lantern die, the ring leaves and then finds a new bearer worthy of its power. Try to top that!

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Most Powerful Superhero #4: The Flash

Is he the fastest man alive? Yes!

You may be wondering why the Flash makes this list. Not many people consider super speed as an ability that necessarily conveys the concept of being powerful. But that can be a costly mistake to be making.

The first point in this argument: The Flash can travel back through time and change the future.

The flash was the reason for the Flashpoint event and even the new 52 in the first place. Heck, we would not have rebirth if not for the Flash as well. Get this; The Flash was why a simple concept such as the butterfly effect literally changed the entire universe. TWICE. If that isn’t power, then I don’t know what is.

(In case you are not familiar with the term Butterfly Effect, here’s a crash course for you. The Butterfly Effect is a concept that states the smallest of changes in the initial conditions of something can have the largest consequences in future versions of reality. Or, changes to something in the past can have far-reaching effects in the future)

That single act is pretty much enough reason why the Flash can be considered one of the most powerful superheroes. But if that is not enough for you, then you can check out The Flash #153

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Most Powerful Superhero #3: Wonder Woman

There is no way this list could progress without Wonder Woman popping up next.

When you hold the status as the most recognizable female character in the history of comics, it’s only right that you should be in the running for the most powerful superhero as well. When Detective Comics had Wonder Woman created, they probably did not envisage the Amazon becoming one of the most important comic book characters of all time.

This is evident because they questioned Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston’s abilities and let him face public backlash. We do have fate to thank that she was not thrown into the bin, or else who knows the huge void we would have to deal with in the present day.

For decades Wonder Woman has become more than just a superhero; she has become the kind of hero that other superheroes wish they were. And that actually applies to all genders.

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior who possesses flight, superhuman strength, speed, durability, and longevity. Let’s not forget she is one of DC’s greatest fighters and, by extension, even one of the best comic book fighters.

She is never afraid to get her hands dirty when she needs to and will do anything to ensure that peace, justice, and prosperity reign. Commercially, she is literally one reason why DC has such a large market share and is recognized as a comic book powerhouse.

Most Powerful Superhero #2: Superman

We keep the list going with the last Kryptonian, the Man of Steel himself, the Boy in Blue. It would be a sin not to have him on the list.

Superman deserves the title of the greatest superhero to ever live on the face of the earth for his sheer strength. He is such a strong character that he has to be nerfed all the time, even in the comics, on account of his good nature. But this guy is strong as hell. Not only that, he is a symbol of hope to all around him, even heroes alike.

He is the literal benchmark for superheroes, and it’s sporadic to find any superhero that does not consider him a role model. Obviously, he’s one of the few people on the earth that Batman can be phased by. What’s more, Superman is one of the bravest superheroes, always willing to fight for what is right no matter what.

And there is more. There is very little that superman cannot do, making him a very complete and all-around hero. Is it flight? Super strength? Super speed? You name it, and he probably has it. That’s how good he is.

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Most Powerful Superhero #1: Spectre

We might get a little edgy with this pick, but hear us out. When it comes to the pinnacle of powerful beings in the DC Multiverse, few describe that concept, like Spectre. Whether it’s Jim Corrigan or the later incarnation of Hal Jordan, The Spectre is loads of power in one entity, and here’s why he could very well be the most powerful superhero ever.

The Spectre is the embodiment of God’s vengeance. Because of this, he possesses immortality, can warp reality, manipulate space and time, limitless control over matter, see into the future, and is near-omnipotent.

If that is not enough for you, consider that the Spectre possesses cosmic awareness, can manipulate cosmic energy and is pretty much omniscient. This guy can and usually will do anything he wants.

He also holds the role of judge, jury, and executioner in DC Universe’s expansive mythos. You certainly do not want to get on his bad side, considering if he deems your existence unworthy, he can wipe you off the face of the universe.

The Spectre is so powerful that even strong characters on this list like Superman do not stand a chance against him. And that’s facts.

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