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Chivote 2Face Backpack – A Backpack for Grownups

Chivote 2face Backpack

While the name may bring to mind Harvey Dent’s coin flipping alter ego, the bag is far more respectable.  The 2Face from Chivote is the first backpack of its kind to feature two unique faces, allowing you to switch between them by simply transferring the straps from the front or back.  The bag was born from the concept that while one backpack may look good for going around town or heading to the gym, the same backpack will often look out of place going to the office or for more formal occasions.  Chivote seems to have hit the mark perfectly by offering a uniquely modern bag that is still a practical way to haul what you need.

The entire exterior including the straps is constructed from handcrafted full grain leather that helps retain the bag’s durability while also keeping the weight only a little over 2lbs.  Storage includes a laptop sleeve and three other compartments, all padded individually with reinforced stitching at stress points.

To switch between the two faces, you simply unlatch the top of the straps from the round hook on one side and attach them to the other.  The process takes only a few seconds and is a clever way to extend the versatility of the bag.

If you’d like to have a hand in bringing the Chivote 2Face Backpack to market, it can currently be ordered from its active Kickstarter campaign from $269.