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5 Real Batman Gadgets for Less Than $25

real batman gadgets

Mary Poppins and Batman have something in common.  Something that crosses them over from the world of average schmoes to the stuff of myth.  They both have a near-magical satchel that somehow always has just the right thing for that exact moment.  Mary has her purse, and Batman has his utility belt.  Batman’s gadgets have saved the world hundreds of times over, but they do come with a few caveats… One being the multimillion dollar development costs needed, the other being their practicality in the real world (when was the last time you really needed a remote control boomerang)?

That’s why we’ve assembled 5 gadgets currently for sale on Amazon that don’t require a billionaire’s bank account to afford in real life.

Cell Phone Stun-gun – $17.49

smartphone stun gun

According to Consumer Reports, over 5,000 phones are stolen every day.  Some of those thefts get up close and personal, with thieves demanding your wallet first, your phone second.  Well with this cell phone stun-gun they’ll regret a few life choices.  Beneath the outer facade of a generic Android smartphone lies 12,000,000 volts ready to be dished out to any would-be assailants.  The device doesn’t function as a phone and the screen is stationary, but the shape is enough to get it out of a pocket without raising suspicions.  You can always show baddies the light a different way… with the built in flashlight.

Grappling Hook – $16.99

real batman grappling hook

Spider-Man has his webs, and Iron-Man loves some jet boots, but with Batman there’s only one option for vertical transport.  The grappling hook.  The Gravity Hook is a cross between a mechanical claw and a grappling hook. When it touches down, gravity pushes the jaws open, latching onto branches, rock crevices or gargoyles. The jaws are pushed closed when reversed.  The grappling hook folds flat, and at only 11oz is easy to throw in a bag.

Micro Bluetooth Earpiece – $19.99

real batman earpiece

Since you can’t exactly hook a Jabra on a bat ear, Batman uses tiny in-ear communicators to keep in-touch with Alfred or Oracle.  This micro earpiece from Nenrent connects via Bluetooth and can be used for phone calls, music playback or audiobooks.  Fitting almost entirely in the ear canal, the earpiece is nearly completely hidden from view.  The battery lasts for up to 6 hours of call time with a range of over 30 feet.

Tactical Pen – $15.99

spy pen

They say the pen is mightier than the sword, and with the Bellfyd tactical pen, that’s probably true.  Made of military grade tungsten, the pen has a sharp point designed for breaking glass or fending off an attacker.  There’s also a built in LED flashlight, hex wrench, screwdriver and bottle opener.  Believe it or not, they even managed to fit a ballpoint pen in there too.


Hidden Camera Fitbit Band – $24.99

hidden camera in fitbit

Some people record their steps, others record a little bit more.  Designed to mimic the look of a fitness band like a Fitbit, this hidden camera bracelet from PowerAdd has a built in HD camera that records photos and videos.  A press of the button on the side actives the camera, which records to any standard SD card.