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StashBelt: The Real Life Utility Belt

Stashbelt hidden pockets

While it may not have enough room to store batarangs and a miniature crime lab, StashBelt offers a creative solution to keeping your valuables safe on the go.

Ideal for travelers or those who just don’t want to carry bulging wallets, the Kenyan made belt shows no outward signs of having any hidden compartments or extra bulk.  However… flip it over and you’ll find an 18 inch zipper pocket along the length of the belt big enough to store any small possession like sim cards, medication, keys, or up to $1000 in folded bills.

Since what you value most may not always be tangible, there is also a small slot sewn into the leather made to hold a USB flash drive.  StashBelt comes standard with a custom made 4GB model, but it looks like any drive might fit as long as it has similar dimensions.

At $59 the price makes it comparable to any other designer belt of similar quality, and you’re supporting sustainable jobs in Kenya to boot.

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