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4 Books to Help you Become Batman

4 books that help you become batman

Becoming Batman takes more than just money. It requires years of dedication and developing a huge range of skills and knowledge. The body and mind must be honed to fine instruments that can exact justice with minimal physical impact or damage to the psyche.

Not exactly something there’s a Complete Idiot’s Guide to.

That’s why we’ve gathered four books that take a crack at what it would take to become a superhero in reality. Everything from training regimens to caloric intake is covered, along with something even more mysterious… the inner workings of Batman’s mind.

The Batman Handbook – The Ultimate Training Manual

the batman handbook

Written by seasoned DC Comics author Scott Beatty, The Batman Handbook breaks down Batman’s skills into bite-size chapters. The book is spread into five major segments covering everything from fighting skills to the art of the quick escape.

Littered with Wikihow-style illustrations, The Batman Handbook does a great job of explaining classic Batman skills such as:

  • How to throw a batarang
  • How to bulletproof your Batmobile
  • How to break a chokehold
  • How to withstand hypnosis

Becoming Batman – The Possibility of a Superhero

becoming batman book

Author E. Paul Zehr PhD is both a professor and martial artist, which gives him a unique perspective in the theoretical quest to become Batman. The book explores the training required with a scientific approach – how strong could a man actually become? How many hours each year would it take? Chapters include topics like:

  • Batmetabolism: What’s for Dinner for the Dark Knight Diet?
  • The “Before” Batman: How Buff was Bruce?
  • Hardening the Batbody: Can Sticks and Stones Break his Bones?
  • Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: But What Was Batman Doing?

Batman and Psychology – A Dark and Stormy Knight

batman and psychology book

Let’s face it… normal people don’t chase psychotic-clowns around with pointy boomerangs. There’s a unique mental makeup behind that cowl and psychologist Travis Langley helps us explore it.

Batman and Psychology not only casts light onto the otherwise unseen parts of the Dark Knight’s mind, but helps teach the reader psychological theory and concepts along the way. Chapters include subjects such as:

  • Does Batman have PTSD?  
  • Why does he fight crime?
  • Why the mask, the bat, and the underage partner?
  • Why are his most intimate relationships with “bad girls” he ought to lock up?

Batman and Philosophy – The Dark Knight of the Soul

Part of being a superhero is the ability to make quick, life-and-death decisions on your own. It’s a path where you’re bound to run into ethical conundrums and moral dilemmas along the way.

Written by philosophy professor and contributing author Mark D. White, Batman and Philosophy is part of the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series, which filters popular titles like Watchmen and The Avengers through the teachings of philosophical principals.

The book dives into some of the key choices Batman has grappled with over the years like:

  • Why doesn’t Batman kill the joker?
  • Is it right to make a Robin?
  • Could Batman have been the Joker?
  • Why Batman is better than Superman

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