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Batman’s Armory Guide: Batman’s Greatest (and Weirdest) Weapons

As you would expect, one of the world’s most famous superheroes has one of the most exciting collections of weapons in the entire fictional world. Over the last eighty-something years, the caped crusader built an armory fit for a true warrior.

His cave is full of tons of weapons ranging from epic to ridiculous. Enjoy our journey through memory lane as we create the perfect guide of Batman’s top weapons in his collection.

Utility Belt

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The utility belt is an iconic accessory that makes Batman’s costume as complete as possible. Every hero envies its ergonomic design that doesn’t sacrifice fashion for function (or vice versa).

In all seriousness, it’s a pretty convenient tool that completes Batman’s signature look and helps explain where he hides most of his bat-weapons. The belt is a lot more practical than carrying around a bag.


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The Batarang is arguably more iconic than the utility belt. This signature weapon alerts wrongdoers that Batman is fresh on their tail. The sharp combination between a boomerang and a throwing star went through some impressive transformations over the years.

The one thing that says consistency is that it always resembles a bat for obvious reasons. Some small tweaks were made over the years in some iterations so his mentees could continue the tradition. Namely, we’ve seen an “R” for Robin and Nightwing’s emblem.

Collapsible Sword

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One weapon that got seriously less notoriety was Batman’s collapsible sword. The humorous weapon only exists in The Brave and the Bold series, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t leave a lasting impression. While not a regular weapon, Batman does know how to use a sword, although he prefers less fatal weapons.

Sidekick Weapons

His partners, on the other hand, have some different tastes than he does. Although these weapons aren’t really at Bruce Wayne’s disposal, his child sidekicks have their own weapons to store. Each of his sidekicks and former partners has their own signature weapons you would likely find in Batman’s armory.

These include Damian Wayne’s family sword, Tim Drake’s staff, and Dick Grayson’s escrima sticks. Jason Todd has his guns, but it’s not likely he’s willing to hand them over to his guardian so easily.

Spring-Loaded Bat Ears

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Looking at some ridiculous weapons, we have the spring-loaded bat ears. They look exactly as they sound… In Batman and Robin #22, Batman surprised us all with this unconventional, albeit effective, weapon.

When fighting the White Knight, our caped crusader came close enough to the homicidal maniac that he fired the sharp ears right into his head. While the ears had gone through some changes over the years, this did come as a surprise.

Shark Repellent

Shark Repellant Bat Spray is easily one of the most ridiculous things theoretically in this utility belt. It gained its notoriety in the 1960s when Adam West was still paying Batman. Although it’s not very conventional, it did come in handy. Even if it is retired, it has a special place in our nostalgic hearts and makes for a good easter egg.

Bat Flamethrower

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Many of us know that Bruce Wayne was not always Batman. In addition to the beloved Robin-turned-Nightwing, another friend of Bruce Wayne took on the cowl for a short time. Jean-Paul Valley notoriously took on the alias of Batman at Bruce’s request following his injuries from Bane in Knightfall.

This controversial substitute created a lot of drama with the Batfamily when he took Batman’s aggression to the next level. Jean-Paul decided that he needed to add flame throwers to up his game – however, they weren’t enough to take down Bruce when he confronted him.

Cryptographic Sequencer

When brute force isn’t enough, you need to learn how to crack codes and unlock puzzles. Having a cryptographic sequencer may not be the most glamourous weapon, but it certainly gets the job done when you need to get past security or decode hidden messages.

Grappling Gun

Another staple weapon from the Bat over the years was his grappling gun (cue Gravity Falls references). Scaling buildings to make a quick getaway is an important part of his Bat duties.

A grappling gun affords him to use Gotham City as his own playground while offering creative tool-less conventional tactics. This is another one of those weapons that managed to persist throughout the generations.

Trophy Room

Some of Batman’s best weapons aren’t even from him or his allies. Although it isn’t shown too often, we all know he has an impressive trophy room. Whether he keeps them as precious mementos or just wants to stay ahead of his enemies, his trophy room is mighty impressive.

He has weapons from most A-list villains he ever fought. Between The Penguin’s killer Umbrella, Scarecrow’s Fear Toxin, Deathstroke’s sword, and everyone in between, there are a lot of cool weapons that could do a number if he really wanted to take them out of their display case.

Kryptonite Ring

One weapon that has been dusted off and put to use before was Lex Luther’s Kryptonite ring. While Superman is one of Batman’s greatest allies, the caped crusader is known for keeping a few contingency plans, just in case. While it does sound a little suspicious or insulting, these backup plans have come in handy a time or two.

Especially when you are looking at overpowered metahumans like Superman, when Superman fell under Darkseid’s possession, Batman was able to knock his buddy down and protect the world. It has only come out of hiding a few separate occasions, and some say he carries them in his utility belt.

Kryptonite Grenade Launcher

Of course, he and Superman didn’t always see eye to eye. Batman vs. Superman was certainly a controversial movie. While many fans were excited to see the greatest duel of the DC world, many were left a little less than satisfied with the movie.

If nothing else, they did have some cool fight scenes and weapons. The most extra was arguably the Kryptonite grenade launcher that adds a little barbaric flair to that traditional ring.

Specialty Suits

Speaking on extra, Batman’s specialty suites are nothing to scoff at. Although some criticize his suits as a sign Batman is getting a little too rich; no one can say they aren’t an awesome touch.

These overpowered suits allow Batman to get that extra advantage when he needs it. He has several different power suits that let him go head to head with some of the greatest villains. These suits are equipped with everything from tasers to EMP weapons and allow him to survive harsh conditions like space and other dimensions.

Knightfall Gauntlets

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Arguably, Batman’s greatest weapon of all is his fists. The dark knight did his fair share of training and is able to beat the living crap out of most opponents – even tanks like Bane. Of course, there are some levels of strength he just can’t match.

Superman is a tad overpowered within the universe, meaning that Batman needs to play some extra tricks in order to level the playing field. Kryptonite weapons give the hero a distinct advantage, and in The Dark Knight Strikes Again, he was able to deliver a weapon that combined this powerful mineral and his martial art skills. By designing Kryptonite gauntlets, he was able to bring the man of steel back on his level.

A Gun Room

While it isn’t exactly extraordinary for an armory to have a gun room, any Batman fan understands why this is a surprising addition to her personal collection. (And no, this is not just a collection of trophies from petty criminals). Several different comic runs (like Nightwing and Red Hood and the Outlaws) show how Bruce keeps an entire room full of guns to practice with.

While he hates guns and does not condone them as a weapon, he insists that he and his allies should understand everything they can about guns. In fact, they are all excellent shots. He has an impressive room full of a whole collection of every gun you can imagine – but they are merely for training purposes.

While Alfred has been known to turn a gun on a home invader every now and again, the Batfamily (minus Jason) generally steers clear of the “cheap weapons.”

Of course, it is nearly impossible to make a comprehensive list of the entire Bat armory. The list of all of his weapons continues on forever. While it’s difficult to guess what we can expect from the future of Batman’s weapons, we can expect some creative things in the future now that he lost his billionaire status.