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The Batarang Knife & Everything You Need to Know

batarang pocket knife

They say there are 1000 uses for a good knife, meaning there’s likely unlimited potential for a Batarang knife.  The Batarang knife can be used as a normal knife, but it can also be used to throw. That is the type of versatility you need to increase your Batman Factor. 

There are a few different knives that you can get here. A lot of people really enjoy this knife because of its ability to fold down in size. It makes it easy to carry around and deploy when needed. 


Where Does The Batarang Knife Come From? 

The Batarang Knife is not an actual batman weapon. There is no BatKnife in any of the comics or the movies. Batman is not trying to Kill people. Its the one rule he has that he refuses to break no matter how much The Joker tries to push him too.

The Batarang knife comes from the innovation of Batman fans. It also makes some great fan fiction to think about Batman using a knife. It would be a much grittier version of Batman.

He would still not kill people but instead of just beating people to a pulp, he would cut tendons and stab people in ways that would seriously hurt but never kill. 


Dark Twin Blade Batarang Knife

This twin blade Batman folding pocket-knife fits comfortably in the hand or pocket and easily obliterates villainous tapped boxes and stubborn knots.  The combined 11″ stainless steel blades move independently and can be opened together or separately.  A locking mechanism keeps you from losing any digits.  Not bad for less than 10 bucks.

Dark Twin Blade Knife - Double Edge Folding Pocket with Clip, 11" Stainless Steel Two Sharp Cut (Black)
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Dark Knight Spring Assisted Twin Blade Knife

The Black Bat Base comes with knife blades that shine and shimmer in a cool way in the right life. Knives really don’t get cooler than this one. It comes in 7 different colors so you can get a knife to match your needs perfectly. You also get a belt clip with the knife, so you can always keep it handy by your side when you need it.

Dark Knight Twin Blade Knife - Pocket Folding Spring Assisted Dual Blades Bat Knives
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Batman Inspired Tactical Folding Knife

This knife is one of the few to not just be in the Batman shape, but to actually have the logo right on the knife. This knife has some of the sharpest points out of all of the knives. The knife has a feel that it was made for skinning fish and other animals. The knife is beloved by hunters all over. You can use it to hunt down Bad Guys in Gotham or to hunt, the choice is yours.

11 Dual Blade Knife Pocket Knife Batman Inspired Tactical Folding Knife - Black
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Gold Dark Knight Folding Double Blade

Sometimes you buy things because they look good. When Batman chose his Batmobile, it was part function, but it was also because he knew it was the sleekest ride on the road. If you’re going to be Batman, you have to let the rich Bruce Wayne in your shine sometimes. This watch is doing just that because the Gold makes it stand out.

Kidan Knives Batman Dark Knight Bat Spring Assisted Open Folding Double Blade
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Throwing a Batarang Knife

The modern day Batarang is thrown in the Dark Knight and used more like a Ninja Star. It breaks lights and sticks into walls like a calling card. But with this knife, imagine the damage Batman could do. He could cut up a few opponents in close combat like always.

Then last minute throw one right in the chest of the dude running up to get a beat down. It would make him more efficient. The thing that makes being Batman hard is that he has to fight up close too much. Guns are nice because you can get the work done from far. He is not able to do this!

If he could star throwing these knives at people in areas of the body not lethal, he really could do so much more damage much quicker. There is something about throwing a knife at someone that just spells ninja assassin badass.

Final Thoughts On The Batarang Knife

The Batarang knife is the most dangerous idea that Batman did not add to his utility belt. The Joker, Penguin and all of the other cronies should be thankful that he didn’t because it would be a game changer.

Imagine the Joker trying to approach Batman and he just cuts his achilles so he can’t walk any more. The Joker would not be as scary in a boot. I don’t think anyone is as scary when they are in a boot.

Batman gets darker and darker the more movies they make, so maybe we will see the Batarang Knife one day, but I doubt. It would not be true to the comics.