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20 Best Funny Batman Scenes From The Movies

Funny batman moments

There are so many funny batman moments that we had to limit this list to the movies. If you put the cartoons on this list and the comics, the list would never end. There have been a lot of Batman movies made. Some of them have been amazing, and some of them were made for lists like this one.

Some funny batman moments make you smirk, others make you laugh, and the worst are so cringe-worthy that it’s hard to watch those scenes at all. Batman is not supposed to be a funny character. The movies have always done a great job of getting you to smile.

20. Do You Feel in Charge?

The scene is one of the best in The Dark Knight rises, but it’s also funny. It’s one of those times where the movie reminds rich people that not everyone can be bought. The joker did the same thing in the previous movie when he burnt half of the cash to make a point.

Bane decides to lay his hand on his shoulder gently and asks him something that he has probably never been asked his whole life. As a rich man used to get his way, you can see the moment when he realizes that his deal with the devil is about to cost him significantly.

It’s even better that he got right up in his face, but it shows you how money makes people feel stronger than they really are. Then it gets worse that his homie did nothing to help him. He just left him alone and heard him get choked out.

19. Neck Turn

Batman not being able to turn his neck will always be one of the biggest laughs. Bruce Wayne has all of that money but did not realize that there was a bit of a flaw with his suit? For a guy who is constantly being attacked by the most dangerous criminals in Gotham, not being able to turn your head does not make sense.

His limited neck movements made his fighting scenes so awkward that you can barely watch. What should be crisp fighting moves that terrify his opponents turn into these awkward rigid movements that make it look like he has no idea what he is doing.

In the first Batman, there is a scene where he looks left, then right, and then looks up. He has to turn his shoulders completely; then, he looks up by arching his back. Oh, how comical!

18. Oh You Got a Panic Room

There are three funny moments in just a few moments. The first is the Joker asking one of the party guests where Harvey Dent is and then shaking his head no. Like who thinks of these things, The Joker didn’t even let him answer. What if he did know where he was?

Then right after that, they show Bruce looking to get to his Batcave to suit up. While he is going, you see a couple putting their clothes back on, which is just such a lovely house. You get to go to a party at a penthouse, and you step away from the party for some sexual pleasure.

When they ask him what is going on, he does not even answer him; they assume he has a panic room and that he is running to it, but nope not at all; he goes into the wall and closes the door behind them, leaving them hanging.

17. Nice Coat

Batman Begins starts Bruce Wayne’s journey to becoming Batman by giving his Jacket away to a homeless man. The homeless man is shocked by the fact that someone would give him something so nice.

After Batman’s introduction scene, they add a bit of comedic relief and bring the joke full circle. Unfortunately, the man is still homeless, and Batman looks at him and says, “Nice Coat.” Of Course, the homeless guy is clueless that it’s the same person who gave it to him.

16. Joker Mob

The entire scene is brilliant because the Joker is calling out the mob for being scared of Batman. Gamble gets pissed and has his boy go after him, and he more than likely gets a pencil stuck in his eye due to the Joker’s magic trick. The joker really made you feel like he would do some magic trick at the moment.

Then he goes on in the scene to embarrass the mobsters and call the guy on the TV a squealer because Batman does not have any jurisdiction. This was an intense scene, but they found a way to add some comedic relief to it.

15. Bruce Cuts Flashes

Not only is this a sick Batman Factor gadget that we all wish we had, but it was also another funny Batman scene. How many times have we heard stars say no pictures? People have lost their lives running away from the paparazzi. But Bruce gets out of his car and clicks a quick button to make all of the cameras stop working. It doesn’t get more Bruce Wayne than that!

14. Intro of the Batwing

The Dark Knight trilogy always did a good job introducing new characters and vehicles. They did not disappoint with the Batwing. The entire Batman back police chase was fantastic, to begin with.

They think they have him cornered; they are all happy about it, which is stupid because he has disappeared many times before this. Then you hear something light up, and one copy instantly recognizes that they don’t have him at all, and he flys out with his Batwing.

13. You Weigh a Bit More Than 108

This is the conclusion to Batman asking Vicky how much she weights to use his grapple to pull them up. He knew that she weighed more because the grapple stopped pulling them up, and Batman had to Bail.

In current times people would be so offended by this, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. He makes sure to clown on her and let her know she has no idea how much she weighs. Then he proceeds to step in front of his car, knowing it will stop, and in true Batman fashion, he does not even flinch!

12. Batcard

One of the all-time cheesy batman scenes. Batman & Robin are arguing over Poison Ivy and trying to buy her essentially. They are both throwing out insane numbers. Robin then tells Batman that he will borrow the money from him as he continues to throw outbids.

Then Batman whips out this Batman credit card to prove that he can go into debt with his specialized black card. It raises so many questions! How does Batman get a credit card? Would Bruce Wayne need to at least co-sign? Does this mean some random banker knows who Bruce Wayne is?

11. I’ll Get Drive Through – Batman Forever

Any funny Batman scenes that come from Batman Forever or Batman & Robin will have some extra cheese on them. Alfred tries to offer Batman a sandwich, and he responds by saying that he will get a drive-thru.

The scene automatically makes you roll your eyes and chuckle as you think about this playing out. Imagine the Batmobile pulling up to Mcdonald’s to get a McChicken meal, only to realize that he does not have any cup holders.

10. Batman & Robin New Outfits

Not sure who wrote this into the movie or why they found these scenes to be needed. These movies were so dramatic about the team getting in their Batgear. They made it so surprising! The best part of it all is when they showed the breasts and ass, so the audience knew they were Batsuit protected.

9. Batman Seems Like He Misses (Batman Returns, Dark Knight)

Take a trip back to Batman Returns with Michael Keaton. There is a scene where he saves Selina Kyle. She is being held hostage by one of The Penguin’s goons. Batman shoots his grapple at the wall, and the bad guy thinks he missed, but he actually pulls on the cord, and it pulls the wall out and hits him in his back.

Fast forward to Dark Knight, and the same thing happens. The Joker thinks that Batman missed trying to stop his truck, but he was much more intelligent than that. He actually tied him up with the light post. Before the Joker could even finish saying he missed, he is already beginning to flip upside down.

8. Batman Drives up Wall – Batman Forever

As the scenes get cheesier it’s harder to even write. This hurts and no one really knows why it had to be added because it raises so many questions. Batman escapes from two faces by grappling his whole car up a wall like in the original Batman show from the 60s.

Here is the problem, what in the world did the car do when it got to the top of the building. There is not really a way out of the scene that makes any sense. It was just such a pathetic scene, if you made it this far into the movie, this is the one that made you finally walk away.

7. Batman Forever Bat Signal in Window

In Batman Returns, when the Bat-signal is shown in the sky, it notifies Bruce by shining right in his bedroom window. Come on, even the show from the 60s was more original than this with the Batphone. At least it was a private way of knowing it was time to become Batman.

What happens when Batman needs a night off with his girl. He has some champagne and candles, and he is setting the mood. Then all of a sudden, some bright light is shining into his bedroom! How do you even explain that?

6. Batmobile Drives so slow

As a child, you watch these movies, and you’re so impressed with the Batmobile that you don’t have the brain capacity to think about its speed. But as you grow older and see the movie hundreds of times, you realize that the vehicle is crawling.

In The first Micheal Keaton movies, the Jokers cars are clearly traveling faster than the Batmobile. It’s like the Batmobile has the engine of an electric scooter or something. It’s embarrassing how slow this car is driving, and once you notice this, you can’t unnotice it.

5. I’m Rich

The scene is one of the best at summarizing what makes Batman special. People have always been asking the question and people say that him having no powers is what makes him super. But in Justice League, he gives a two-word answer. I’m Rich! End of story.

It’s fun for the writer to just address this. What makes Batman capable of doing what he does is his unlimited resources. He is not worried about running out of money for food like a lot of people.

4. Everything Batman Says in Lego Movies

Every lego movie with Batman in it is amazing. They carved out his character as this cocky superhero to who you can’t say anything. he has come back to everything. His entire character is a funny Batman that creates a bunch of different funny Batman moments.

The cool thing about the Lego Batman movie is how it also makes fun of Batman and makes him more cool at the same time. There are not many movies that can pull this off. If you watch any of the lego Batman movies you will see how ridiculous Batman is while also wanting to be him more.

3. Batman & Robin Puns

Arnold cast as Mr. Freeze was the right call. The problem was the script! Whoever made these lines was either an idiot or a genius. To have Mr. Freeze slide into a room freezing people and saying “Chill” is just too much to handle for some reason.

The entire movie was full of awful puns. But the worst ones all came from Mr.Freeze. It made it worse because Arlong has so many classic lines from his movies, but this added some extra cheese. These puns hurt so bad, and it’s not like there are only a few of them.

2. Check His Wallet

One of the most lowkey funny Batman moments comes from the classic 1989 Batman. After Batman takes a bullet because Vicki weighed more than she said she did, Batman fakes like he is dead by just lying still on the ground in front of the Goons.

Then Bob says, “check his wallet.” At first, it does not seem that funny but the joke takes a while to sink in. Imagine Batman walking around with ID incase the cops pull him over. Would it be a Bruce Wayne ID? The question is genius because it makes sense for anyone OTHER THAN BATMAN! No, he does not have a wallet on him, Bob.

1. Poor Bob

The ultimate funny Batman moment is the scene right after Batman steals the Jokers baloons. He is clearly pissed and he looks at his goona and says “why didn’t you tell me he had one of those things”. The scene is pure gold because he does not even know what to call the Batwing.

It gets better though and the movie showcases just how crazy the Joker is. He calls his right hand man Bob whom he told earlier in the movie that he is his guy. Bob was by his side protecting him the entire time. He asks for his gun as if he is going to hurt someone else and then he shoots Bob and then is almost sad that he just killed his best friend. The scene is pure gold!

Final Thoughts on the 20 Best Funny Batman Moments

Batman has always done an amazing job of taking a dark superhero and bringing comedic relief to the movies. This was especially important in the 90s when superhero movies were seen as something for kids. They needed to create films that still felt goofy enough that kids could come to them.