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Your Ultimate Guide To The Top Superman Villains

Superman Villains

We all know about the Man Of Steel. And how he is the epitome of being a superhero. His morals serve as a guide for all other superheroes. Superheroes are usually judged by how closely they resemble the standard set by Superman. Even the future generations of Superheroes in the DC Universe are inspired by Superman and his Justice League. You need to know who the top Superman Villains are.

Superman is without any doubt the most powerful Superhero of the DC Universe. And is a strong contender to being the most powerful superhero among all comic book characters. But this article is not about Superman. It is about the most powerful villains that Superman faces to protect Metropolis and Earth in general.

After all, Superman is virtually immortal and impossible to beat. We rarely get to see Superman use his full powers. And he mostly suppresses the intensity of his powers. Because no one is strong enough to face his true strength. But there are times when the villains force Superman to use his powers more intensely. And these villains are the reason that Superman’s adventures are so interesting. After all the strength of superheroes is defined by the villains that they face.

And Superman has a lot of them. Most of the villains that Superman takes on are capable of destroying the Earth single-handedly. He even fights a literal God called Darkseid that has defeated all other gods. One can imagine the strength he possesses. So in this article, we will feature the top Superman villains that the Man of Steel has faced in his lifetime.

1. Mongul

Mongul is a Super-villain that Superman stated is as powerful as Darkseid. He is the warlord of the Warworld and uses his ship to destroy entire planets by himself. Although he is extremely powerful. His most notable appearance is in the comic book story “For the Man Who Has Everything“. This story was also adapted by Justice League Animated (TV Series).

In this story, Mongul uses an alien creature called the “Black Mercury” to defeat Superman. This creature attaches itself to its host and feeds off the host’s bio-energy ultimately killing him. While feeding its host a realistic dream based on his heart’s deepest desire. Both Batman and Wonderwoman try to defeat Mongul.

But due to his extreme strength, he is able to defeat Wonderwoman. Meanwhile, Batman detaches the black mercury from Superman, waking him up. But Black Mercury attaches himself to Batman. Superman defeats Mongul after waking up from the dream and the team attaches the Black Mercury to Mongul, in the process.

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2. General Zod

General Zod is someone who thinks that he is the good guy in his story. And is one of the greatest and deadliest of Superman villains. He is a Kryptonian and was the head of the armed forces of Krypton. He tried to take over Krypton using his position. And was trapped inside the Phantom Zone as a punishment for his crimes.

He was successful in escaping the destruction of his planet because he was trapped inside the Phantom Zone. Modern depictions show him to have a grudge against the House Of El which translates even more in his enmity towards Superman.

When General Zod arrives on Earth, he gets the same superpowers that Superman has. This is because of the fact that he is also Kryptonian and can absorb the radiation of the Earth’s yellow sun.

He tries to take over Earth with his newfound superpowers but is defeated by Superman. He is ultimately sentenced again into the Phantom Zone. Zod occasionally escapes from the Phantom Zone with the help of his disciples Ursa and Faora. But is defeated by Superman and sent back to the Phantom Zone.

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3. Doomsday!

Doomsday! is also a Kryptonian creation that was made entirely to cause destruction. He gets revived whenever he gets killed and is programmed to never die twice with the same method. He is invincible and absorbs everything that is thrown at him becoming even more powerful.

Doomsday reached Earth when his ship collapsed on the planet. And immediately started to destroy the planet as soon as he laid his foot on it. He was even able to defeat the Justice League in a matter of minutes.

And when Superman arrived he even beat Superman and escaped several times. After a lot of effort, Superman was able to corner this creature and engage him in the battle that will lead to the deaths of both of them.

Doomsday is the only creature or super-villain that had been able to kill Earth’s mightiest superhero. He is constantly listed as the deadliest among Superman villains.

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4. Darkseid

Darkseid is literally a God and rules the planet Apokolips. He is a constant threat to Earth making him a frequent enemy of Superman and the Justice League. Darkseid has the power of Omega which manifests itself as the Omega beams. It is one of the deadliest weapons of the DC Universe. And instantly kills the person at whom these beams are launched.

His sole purpose is to conquer the universe and remove free will from it. And for this purpose, he is always in search of the Anti-life Equation. A fabled power that allows Darkseid to control every living beam in the entire universe.

It might be hard to believe but the popular super-villain from Marvel Comics called Thanos is also inspired from Darkseid. He is considered as one of the most powerful villains of the entire DC Universe. He even murdered his older brother Drax and his own mother to become the ruler of the planet Apokolips.

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5. Brainiac

Brainiac is a super-intelligent alien. And travels the universe with one goal in mind. This goal is to collect a city from every planet and add it to his collection. The reason behind this is that he wants something left of that world in his possession when that planet dies.

He had the city of Kandor from Krypton and kept them captive in a jar on his ship. And it remained there until Superman finally got it back. Brainiac also tried to take Metropolis until Superman stopped him. Brainiac also has several drones, and he is one of Superman’s deadliest enemies. He is also considered the most intelligent being of all the Universe. And even Lex Luthor has acknowledged his intelligence.

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6. Lex Luthor

Lex is the arch-nemesis of Superman and is also a successful businessman and extremely intelligent scientist himself. He believes that Superman is a threat to humanity and refuses to believe that Superman is saving the planet Earth without any ulterior motive. But in reality, he is jealous of the popularity, recognition, and public love that Superman receives. And is constantly engaged in a smear campaign against Superman.

It was Lex who discovered that Kryptonite weakens Superman. And then used it against him on several occasions. He even wears a Kryptonite-powered war suit to take on Superman. Because of his business, he has a never-ending funding source that he uses against Superman and The Justice League. He even formed his own Injustice League to take on Justice League.

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