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Why is Batman the most important movie superhero for college students?

Did you know that Batman is officially the greatest superhero from comic books? You may be wondering how that is possible. Well, the readers of Comic Heroes magazine voted Batman in the first place ahead of Superman and Spider-Man. This character has millions of fans around the world. But what makes him so special? Before we find it out, let’s consider his personality in more detail.


How Batman became himself

Batman hides behind the identity of Bruce Wayne who saw the murder of both his parents in the childhood. At that moment he decided to revenge their deaths by fighting crime. Wayne had a goal of reaching both physical and mental excellence. Eventually, he transformed himself from a regular human being into the dark caped Batman with outstanding skills. His personal strong drive towards mental and physical perfection allowed him to achieve superhero power.  

Some of the best Batman’s qualities are intelligence, obsessive passion and physical strength. Being devoted to an ideal, he made himself more than just a man. What is really inspiring is that Batman has an unwavering moral compass, which is so rare nowadays. Living in Gotham, a fictional American town plagued by corruption and greed, he strives to fight crime. Batman does his best to combat criminals like Joker, Catwoman and Two-Faced. 

He is adamant that society is capable of justice and citizens view him as a symbol of hope for a better life. Thanks to Batman, ordinary people don’t need to be afraid of anything. He demonstrates them an example of courage and teaches how to overcome fears. Additionally, one of the most important things in Batman’s personality is that he sees the good in everybody. He keeps believing in others even though they stopped believing in themselves. And his faith inspires everybody for change. 


How Batman affects students

As you see, Batman is an incredible character that can teach us a lot. Today, he is a role model for many children and adolescents. Let’s see what positive effects he has on students.

Pursuing high moral values

Batman hates evil in its different forms. All his efforts are aimed at defeating sin and making the world a better place. Hence, watching movies about Batman inspires the youths to choose professions that fight evil. They give preference to such jobs as a policeman, soldier, judge and a detective. Nowadays, schools receive thousands of applications for those study programs and their popularity keeps growing. To increase their chances for enrollment, students turn to qualified personal statement writers that help them with application documents. After graduation they are happy to make their environment safer, so everybody can live in it without the fear of upcoming dangers. Besides, students learn from Batman how to be honest and protect people’s rights. 

Achieving perfection

As all of us, Batman was just an ordinary child. But everything changed when he promised himself to become a better person. He wasn’t satisfied with just being an average person. Instead he wanted to stand out from the crowd and be better than others. And it’s not about greed or narcissism, Batman just wanted to protect those who are weaker. He is not selfish at all, so everything he does is aimed at helping society. His goal was extremely ambitious, he strived to become the strongest and the smartest person in the world as only this way he could combat evil. Batman’s determination can motivate college students to become the best version of themselves. He can teach how to keep moving towards perfection even when your path is full of obstacles. 

Working hard 

Nothing really valuable can’t be easily obtained. To get something big, you need to work really hard. Unfortunately, modern students try to avoid difficulties in their life, which is a strategy that leads to failures. From Batman’s life, we can see that great results require full devotion. He teaches youths to be completely absorbed by their work and not to be afraid of hardships. Even if you struggle, it doesn’t mean you should give up. On the contrary, you should make even more effort. In the end, you will be grateful to yourself for your dedication and persistence.

Final thoughts

Batman is one of the most famous and loved superheroes around the globe. He appears not only in comics but also on television and in major motion pictures. Probably, Batman is so admired because his transformation into a hero is incredible and purely self-motivated, which inspires many people. He can teach students to pursue high moral values, strive for perfection and work hard. 

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