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Why Fans Want a Telltale Batman Season 3

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Ever since the release of Batman: The Enemy Within, fans have been demanding a Telltale Batman Season 3. Unfortunately, the Telltale Games’ untimely shutdown in 2018 has stopped all developments for a sequel of this popular game.

Telltale has brought us some of the best “storytelling” games, such as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. However, due to cash flow problems, the company closed, leaving more than 200 employees out of work.

However, in April last year, fans were hopeful when LCG Entertainment, the new owners of Telltale Games, displays the Batman series’s image in their social media banners.

This sparked rumors of the development of a season 3, which made fans all over the world happy. But why do fans love the Batman series so much that they go crazy over a banner image?

To understand why people love this game, let us take a look at some of the reasons why fans want another season of the Telltale Batman Game.

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Reasons Why Fans Want a Telltale Batman Season 3

Refreshing New Gameplay

Although the Batman Telltale Series isn’t exactly the next evolution in gaming, it does provide a refreshing type of gameplay. Other games, such as Batman: Arkham Asylum, did great initially but was starting to become tedious in their recent releases.

This is why the new “storytelling” type of gameplay that Telltale Games offers made the Batman Series interesting to fans. It enabled them to play games differently, giving them a new type of experience that is unique and enjoyable.

Allows Player to Make Tough Moral Decisions

Another reason why fans want a Telltale Batman Season 3 is that they allow players to make tough decisions for themselves. It enables them to play the game the way they want to, making the gameplay more exciting.

Moreover, in the tradition of all Telltale games such as Tales from the Borderlands, every decision you make can change the game’s outcome. It will give you a different storyline for every decision, allowing you to play the game repeatedly.

You Get to Play as Bruce Wayne (One of the Main Reasons Why Fans Want a Telltale Batman Season 3)

One of the best things about this Telltale game is you play the role of Bruce Wayne more than Batman. We all know that most people want to be like Bruce Wayne with his handsome look and cool demeanor.

This is why fans enjoy playing because no other game allows you to play the Bruce Wayne character as much as this one does. Most games tend to focus on the Batman character, which makes the gameplay a little bit boring.

Gives Catwoman a Prominent Role

Unlike other Batman games, Catwoman plays a major role in this Batman series. Telltale did a better job at highlighting her character in this game.

Although the Arkham series lets you play the Catwoman character, Telltale presents Selina Kyle and Catwoman in a more important and playful nature. Some are even hoping that the Telltale Batman Series 3 will enable players to play her character in the game.

Surprising Story Twists

The Batman game that Telltale created includes some strong story twists that are unique from other games. One of the best examples is Bruce Wayne’s family’s story, which is different from what we know.

In addition to that, it was surprising how they presented Alfred’s character, which plays a significant role in the game. Alfred’s scene asks Bruce Wayne to choose between losing him and giving up being Batman was unexpected.

Strong Alliance Between Gordon and Batman

Another good reason why fans love the Telltale Batman game is the strong relationship between Batman and Gordon. Although all the Batman games tell their story, Telltale was able to keep their relationship interesting throughout the entire game.

The storyline of Telltale’s game enables players to pick sides between Gordon and his rival Amanda Waller. It makes the game more intriguing and exciting to play over and over again.

Fresh Version of Familiar Batman Characters

Most Batman games follow the character version the way they are presented in the comic universe. Even though this is expected, it does make the game predictable and a little bit boring.

However, with this Batman game, Telltale decided to take a different approach and introduce new versions of familiar characters. For example, Vicky Vale plays a major villain in the game, and Harley Quinn and the Joker swap roles.

This provides a unique flavor and unpredictable feel to the storyline and characters, making it more fun and enjoyable to play with. Furthermore, it makes the game more exciting, making the players continually guess what will happen next.

Amazing Voice Acting

Lastly, Telltale’s Batman game provides great performance when it comes to voice talents. Troy Baker did an awesome job playing the voice of Bruce Wayne and Batman in the game.

Also, Laura Bailey (Voice of Catwoman and Selina Kyle), Richard McGonagle (Voice of the mob boss, Carmine Falcone), and Enn Reitel (Voice of Alfred Pennyworth) did a wonderful job throughout the game.

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Final Words About Telltale Batman Season 3

Until now, there is still no clear indication that LCG Entertainment will release Telltale Batman Season 3 in the future. But with all the good reasons above, it is clear why many people are clamoring for the development of a season 3.

In the meantime, fans should enjoy playing  Batman: Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within while waiting to release the new season.

Batman Telltale: Gameplay

The telltale game series was an innovative take on the age-old character and offered players some insight and a lot of control into determining what makes their version of Batman tick. 

You get to play as either Bruce Wayne or Batman, and whenever there is a decision to make, players can decide which path they want to take. It’s even set a little time right after Bruce Wayne Dons the cowl with the idea of ending all crime. The player’s choices define who this Batman will be— merciful vigilante or brutal enforcer.

There is a direct link between the decisions players make and the outcome of the story at then. One of its best elements Is how players can tap into Batman’s detective skills and use them for investigations when the need calls for it. 


As is the case with every other Batman game, Telltale is set within Gotham’s city in the 2010s. It incorporates modern technology, and characters are seen using smartphones and drones. Many Gotham landmarks are the locations for most of the plot, so Wayne Manor, the Batcave, Gotham City Hall, GCPD Headquarters, and Arkham Asylum are regular fixtures in the game. 

On the side of the good lies a plethora of familiar characters, such as James Gordon, Harvey Dent, Vicki Vale, Alfred Pennyworth, and strangely Selina Kyle. 

Batman must face the terrorist group Children of Arkham, led by Lady Arkham. The group also includes certain Gotham criminal alumni such as Oswald Cobblepot, aka the penguin, and Roland Desmond.  

We also come across other characters such as GCPD Sergeant Renee Montoya, Commissioner Peter Grogan, Wayne Enterprises chairwoman Regina Zellerbach, and Gotham City News reporter Jack Ryder. It’s a full Gotham City roster to match. 

Batman Telltale Season 1

This was the first released version of the game which had five episodes detailing the plot of the first game. They are as follows

Episode 1– “Realm of Shadows” – Bruce comes under public fire after a shocking revelation about his family name comes to light while Batman faces off against crime boss, Carmine Falcone.

Episode 2 – “Children of Arkham” –  Bruce investigates his family’s legacy while an old friend becomes a deadly adversary.

Episode 3 – “New World Order” – Bruce continues to be the subject of public scorn while Batman further investigates the Children of Arkham, who are slowly rising to power.

Episode 4 – “Guardian of Gotham” – Bruce is committed to Arkham Asylum shortly after discovering the true identity of Lady Arkham.

Episode 5 – “City of Light” – Batman faces off against Lady Arkham in a final battle to determine Gotham City’s fate.

Batman Telltale Season 2

In 2017, it was announced that a second season would follow the first Telltale release, and it would be titled “Enemy Within.” It placed focus on the character John Doe, who joined the ranks of the criminal organization The Pact.

This organization consisted of quite a handful of Gotham’s baddies, namely the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Bane, and Mr. Freeze. Batman works to take them down, alongside the Gotham City Police Department and the “Agency” led by Amanda Waller.