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What Can Batman Teach Students About College Success?

Batman is one of the most popular Marvel characters in history. Many people are wondering what makes him so special. Let’s try to find it out! 


A few words about Batman’s personality 

This superhero was created back in 1939 by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Since then, he has earned over $4.4 billion in movie grosses around the globe. According to some estimates, Batman makes more than $500 million a year in retail sales. As you see, this figure has tapped into something that many people, especially students, really like. 

Probably, one of the most important things we value in others is integrity and Batman strives for it. He is brutally honest with himself and others. He also doesn’t compromise his moral principles and always does what is right. 

Secondly, Batman is extremely determined. When he was just a little child, he decided to take revenge for his parents’ death. For years, he has been doing everything to become powerful and fight evil. He has never been side-tracked while following his path. 

Thirdly, this superhero strives for perfection, both mental and physical. He has an ideal image of himself and he does his best to achieve it. This kind of perfectionism attracts everybody, making Batman one of the most admirable characters. 

What’s more, Batman has a strong code of morals. He distinguishes good from bad and promotes justice. He is able to solve even the most complicated moral dilemmas, which is very rare nowadays. 

And last but not least, Batman addresses our fear. Everybody experiences this powerful emotion from time to time. As human beings we struggle to overcome our fears and Batman shows how to do it. Instead of being paralyzed by dread, the superhero transcendens it.

What Batman can teach students

Undoubtedly, Batman can give students a lesson that will lead them towards college success. Let’s see how his personality may influence young minds.

Batman is very strong and disciplined. To achieve perfection, he works hard and finds time for the most important things. He demonstrates us how to manage priorities and complete our duties. From his example, students can learn to do what they really need to do. For example, if they have a complicated project, they can find cheap homework help Canada and submit it due to the deadline date. No matter what circumstances are, Batman teaches us to be responsible and reach our objectives. 

The superhero also shows that challenge is a normal part of everybody’s lives. Unfortunately, not all students understand that struggle and growth go hand in hand, but it’s actually true. Some young people perceive hassles as something negative, thinking that it’s a failure. And what’s even worse, they believe that struggling means being weak. In reality, pain is an element of any college experience. You must know that no pain means no gain, so these two are inextricably linked. Batman teaches students not to avoid troubles and challenges, but to face them. 

Another great thing that youths can learn from the Marvel character is interdependence. Since most of us are taught to take care of ourselves, we tend to perceive interdependence as a sign of weakness. We avoid asking for help and actively resist seeking out resources that could make our lives easier, which is a huge mistake. In fact, every student needs and deserves some support. Just as Batman consulted with Fox, students should consult with anybody who can help them overcome obstacles on their way to success. 


The best comics about Batman that will inspire students

Check some of the best comic books about Batman below. Hopefully, you will get a huge portion of inspiration by reading them. 

The Court Of Owls

This is the first successful storyline for Batman created after the New 52. Its authors Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder did a great job for the superhero fans. From this comic, they learn about Batman’s fight against the powerful Court of Owls that controls everything in Gotham City. 


If you like mystery stories, then this one created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee is definitely for you. Hush is a perfect choice for those who love Batman as more of a detective than actually a superhero. This comic showcases the members of the Batman rogues’ gallery and even contains the scenes where Batman deals with Superman. 

Year One

This is an old comic released back in 1987. It was created by talented authors — Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli. Year One describes how Batman, being a billionaire playboy called Bruce Wayne, returns home to take over the company owned by his parents. But he has a secret that you can reveal while reading a book.

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