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Why The Taser Baton is Great for Self-Defense

Taser Baton

The Taser baton, also known as stun baton, is an electroshock self-defense weapon capable of incapacitating an attacker in their spot. Whether it is a human or a hostile dog.  The Taser Baton transmits a powerful but non-lethal shock when it is touched anywhere along the shaft. 

The length of a Taser baton gives you added personal protection because you are provided with a longer reach. The extra reach the baton provides keeps a critical distance between you and an attacker. 

In case of an emergency, some distance between you and an assailant is important. The more distance you have, the better. Which makes the Taser baton an excellent choice of a self-defense weapon

Not only does the Taser baton give you extra reach. It is reliable, handy, and easy to use.  Integrated into it are safety features to prevent you from getting accidental shocks. They are also available in different voltages and sizes. So you can choose one that fits your personal needs. 

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Advantages of the Taser Baton Over a Regular Stun Gun

There is a reason why Taser batons are a popular go-to for home protection and personal self-defense. The baton has certain advantages over the regular stun gun. Because;

  1. You can keep your distance: Using the regular stun gun means you can’t deliver a stun unless you are standing right next to the assailant. Like a stun gun, you can deliver the same temporary incapacitation. But you are doing it from a safe distance, away from the attacker. Some Taser batons are up to 19 inches long.
  2. Your target is clearly visible: A lot of Taser batons have powerful LED flashlights on their end. This affords you a clear vision of who or what is in front of you before you strike a blow. 
  3. It doubles as a Taser and a baton: You can only use a stun gun a single way. But you can use a Taser baton both as a Taser and a regular baton. Sometimes you may not be ready to deploy an electric transmission. But that’s no problem since you are still holding a helpful weapon in hand.  
  4. Easy Grip: You always have control over your Taser baton due to the rubberized grip most batons have. You have no worries about the baton ever slipping out of your hands while you are using it.  
  5. Powerful Voltage: You are as powerful as the Taser baton you decide to equip yourself with. A baton can deploy over 12 million volts of electricity. Capable of incapacitating an attacker immediately. A lot of power in your hands, literally. 
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Finding The Right Taser Baton Model For You

Taser batons are popular not just because of their affordability but the powerful electric strike they can deliver on an attacker within seconds. 

Before getting a Taser baton, be sure to look into the laws on batons in your state and region to be certain that you can legally own one. 

If you are unsure which model to go for, you can start with the STREETWISE™ MINI BARBARIAN 14.6″ LED STUN GUN BATON 9M. The baton is 14 inches long. Let’s keep a safe distance while you defend yourself from the attacker. 

To deliver a more powerful strike, spikes were added to the top of the baton. The baton possesses a 9 million volt Taser gun. And a flashlight that causes a blinding effect when you aim it at the attacker’s eyes. 

More Taser Baton Features to Look For

The Barbarian makes use of Triple Stun Technology. Three different points on the baton are employed to provide a larger radius of electric impulse. 

The LED flashlight on the Barbarian has three settings with which you can adjust the brightness as needed. Making use of the flashlight at 100% or flash mode can dazzle the attacker for several minutes. Giving you critical time to make your way out of danger. 

The Taser baton can be charged through a standard outlet. You can clip the baton to your belt for easy carrying. Or you can hang it around your wrist using the lanyard attached to it. 

The Police Force is 13.5 inches long. Makes use of the Triple Stun Technology. It delivers 12 million volts of electricity with the press of a button. The Police Force features a three-level activation to prevent accidental discharge. 

The LED flashlight on the Police Force has 5 modes:  100%, 50%, 30%, strobe, and SOS when you need to be found quickly by emergency responders. The Police Force has two 3.7 volt Li-Ion 4000mA rechargeable batteries. You can charge them through standard wall outlets. 

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