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Ultimate Guide to Batman Character Costumes for Sale

ultimate guide to batman costumes for sale

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Batman here, but Batman and related characters have become some of the top costume choices worldwide for both kids and adults.  Between comic-cons, costume parties and Halloween, you’re never far from a good reason to put on a cape and cowl.  Finding the best Batman costume among the hundreds for sale is no easy task.   The choices can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together this ultimate guide to the best costumes not only for Batman, but his friends and foes as well.

All the costumes on this list are sized for adults, and are sorted by price.

Best Batman Costumes

The Dark Knight.  The billionaire.  The orphan.  Batman has a mythos around him larger than some Greek Gods, and the fact he lacks any superpowers makes him all the more appealing.  With the steady stream of new movies, video games and comics pumping out, his popularity shows no signs of waning.  The costume choices for Batman are enormous, and we’ve listed our top 10 before, but here are some of the best options currently for sale.

Batman the Brave and the Bold Costume – $36

batman brave and bold adult costume

Based on the “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” cartoon series, this costume harks back to a simpler, less brooding Batman.  Enjoy the lighter side of Gotham with the included belt, mask and cape.

LEGO Batman Movie Adult Costume – $72

adult lego batman costume for sale

2017’s LEGO Batman movie was a surprise blockbuster and a terrific spoof on the character.  It wasn’t just kids filling those seats either.  This man-size costume comes with a boxy tunic, cape, mask, and a pair of little LEGO hands.

Classic 1966 TV Show Adam West Batman Costume – $85

1966 adam west batman costume for sale

Pow!  Bring back the glory days with the 1966 TV show Batsuit made famous by Adam West. This 100% polyester marvel includes the suit, briefs, belt, headpiece with cowl, satin cape, gloves and boot tops.

Dark Knight Rises Grand Heritage Deluxe Batman Costume – $208

batman dark knight rises adult costume for sale

Rubie’s costume company has been around for 65 years, and their grand heritage line uses higher quality materials and sturdier construction than a standard costume.  This costume is based on the suit worn by Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.  The black bodysuit features detailed molded pieces plus a cape, gloves, belt, boot tops, and mask.

SUPREME EDITION Armored Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice – $850

armored batman vs superman costume supreme edition

Based on the scene where Batman takes on Superman, this costume includes molded body armor, molded gauntlets, molded boot tops, helmet, belt, cape, bandolier, a jumpsuit and gloves.  You’re sure to impress, but at this price be prepared to be Batman at every Halloween for the rest of your life.


Best Catwoman Costumes

Catwoman and Batman’s relationship is… complicated to say the least.  Between her on-again off-again life of crime and their recent attempt at marriage, the two have a rich history.  We’ve picked a few options for playing the leading lady in Batman’s life.

Classic Purple Catwoman Bodysuit Costume – $20

purple catwoman costume for sale

Catwoman’s color scheme has changed a few times over the years, going from green to purple to black and occasionally back to purple.  This costume is a simple one-piece body suit with attached gloves and hooded mask.

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman Costume – $33

dark knight rises cat woman costume for sale

This costume is based on the spy-inspired suit worn by Anne Hathaway in 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises.  It includes the jumpsuit, belt, gloves, eye mask and headpiece.

Grand Heritage 1960s TV Catwoman Costume – $83

1960s TV catwoman costume

Made famous by Julie Newmar and Earth Kitt, this costume represents Catwoman in all her 1966 glory.  It includes the suit, mask, ears and gloves with attached gold claws.  There’s also an included gold necklace and belt to complete the jewel-thief ensemble.  Whip sold separately.


Best Robin Costumes

The faithful sidekick.  The Boy-Wonder.  Batman’s oldest partner in crime-fighting has been around since 1940, and while the name behind the mask might’ve changed a few times, the title has remained.  Robin’s look has changed drastically over the years, but we’ve selected a range of costumes for Robin fans.

Teen Titans Muscle Chest Robin Costume – $30

teen titans robin costume for sale

Teen Titans go has built quite the cult following across all ages.  Robin is portrayed as a little insecure and whiney, which of course makes him all the more likable.  This costumes draws on the clean lines and primary colors from the cartoon and includes a muscled chest jumpsuit, cape, eye mask and belt.  White face-paint under the mask could also work wonders.

Arkham City Robin Costume – $35

arkham city robin adult costume

The Arkham games showed us a new side of the boy-wonder.  All camp and childishness were gone and we were shown what Batman’s most dedicated student would really look like.  A hardened, spin-kicking, baton thrashing badass.  This costume includes a full-body jumpsuit, hooded cape and eye mask.

Grand Heritage 1960s TV Series Robin Costume – $56

classic 1960 tv series robin costume

Holy short-shorts Batman!  You can’t mention Robin without mentioning his awkward years in the 60s.  This entry in Rubie’s grand heritage line features higher quality stitching and materials than other costumes.  Robin’s most leg-tastic suit includes the top, cape, briefs, tights, eye mask, gloves, belt and shoe covers.


Best Joker Costumes

The Joker stands as an example of not only one of the best Batman villains, but one of the most captivating nemeses in literature.  The clown prince of crime is Batman’s greatest foe, and Hollywood shows no signs of that changing.  Joker is an iconic character and a great costume choice for ha-ha-halloween.  After all, who doesn’t like wearing a new face?

Suicide Squad Joker Costume Set

Jared Leto’s Joker in the 2016 Suicide Squad was unlike anything we had seen before.  Gone was the faded pinstripe suit from the 1950s – this was a true street gangster, a psycho mob-boss with a purple Lamborghini.  The best way to replicate the costume from the movie is in separate pieces.  We’ve linked to everything you need to complete the look below:

Start with some white body paint, then apply this set of temporary tattoos

suicide squad joker tattoos for sale

The chrome grillz are key and this set is well reviewed.

joker mouth grillz

Green hair dye slicked back and a long purple coat complete the costume.  If you’re feeling really dedicated, you can always shave your eyebrows…

suicide squad joker costume for sale

Grand Heritage Dark Knight Joker Costume – $110

heath ledger joker costume for sale

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight is considered by many as one of the best film performances ever.  The question “Why so Serious?” made a deep impact in pop culture and the character gained a gravitas that hadn’t been there before.  This costume, another from Rubie’s Grand Heritage line, carries a high price but is the most realistic available.  It includes the layered jacket, shirt, pants, vest and tie as well as the gloves, wig and makeup kit.

Creature Reacher Deluxe Joker Costume – $254

creature reacher joker costume

Well, that’s just plain terrifying.  This “creature reacher” costume includes arm extensions that add an extra foot to each hand.  Combined with the oversized head you’re sure to “grab” attention.  Yikes.

Best Harley Quinn Costumes

Harleen Quinzel was a dedicated psychiatrist until she met a certain twisted clown.  It was a match made in hell and the two have been plaguing the streets of Gotham since 1992.  Harley Quinn has grown into a huge icon since the debut of Suicide Squad, becoming one of the most popular costume choices for women.  We’ve gathered some of the best picks for those who want to step into the shoes of Daddy’s Lil’ Monster.

Batman Animated Series Harley Quinn Costume – $33

animated series cartoon harley quinn costume

Harley Quinn was originally introduced in the 1990s Batman: The Animated Series with a classic kind of court jester look.  This costume is a great homage to that and includes a jumpsuit with attached boot tops, collar, eye mask, and headpiece.

Suicide Squad Deluxe Harley Quinn Costume – $39

adult suicide squad harley quinn costume for sale

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad really launched the character into the stratosphere.  What was a b-list character in the Batman universe now has her own spin-off movie planned for 2020.  This costume includes the jacket with attached top, fishnets and shorts.  An inflatable baseball bat is available separately.


Best Batgirl Costumes

Commissioner Gordon’s daughter has a little secret.  It turns out there’s more than one caped crusader in town.  Batgirl was originally introduced in the 1960s as a love interest for Robin, but the character has evolved over the decades with a rich history of her own.  Not to be confused with Batwoman, Batgirl has Batman’s training with the street smarts of a cop’s daughter.

Deluxe Batgirl Costume – $34

best batgirl adult costume for sale

With over 500 five-star reviews, this Batgirl costume is a clear favorite.  The set features a black mini-dress with attached cape, eye mask, yellow vinyl belt, boot tops, and pointy armbands.

Grand Heritage Classic 1966 Batgirl Costume – $84

classic adult batgirl costume

While the other Batman characters from the 1960s TV show looked pretty campy, Batgirl’s outfit has held up well over the years.  This piece includes a purple jumpsuit, headpiece with attached red wig, belt, gloves and cape.


Other Batman Villains

Batman’s rogues gallery is extensive and there are tons of great villains to draw costume inspiration from.  We’ve highlighted some of the best below.

Poison Ivy – $39

poison ivy costume for sale

The queen of the plants has proved a worthy foe for Batman many times, and often teams up with the other “Gotham Sirens”.  This set includes a dress with attached skirt, mask, detachable train with waist tie, printed leggings, boot covers, glovelettes and faux leaves.

The Riddler – $33

riddler costume for sale

Riddle me this Batman!  A maniacal genius with a flair for puzzles is just about the perfect comic book villain.  The Riddler has been trying to one-up the Bat for decades, but has yet to outsmart the world’s greatest detective.  This officially licensed costume comes with a green bowler, eye mask, jacket with attached shirt and tie.  Cane sold separately for about $17.

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