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Top 10 Best Batman Costumes for Sale

best batman costumes for sale

Finding the best Batman costume among the hundreds for sale is not a task to be taken lightly.  Between the dozens of costume variations and mind-boggling price ranges the choices can feel overwhelming.  Luckily, you’re not alone.  According to CNN, Batman and related characters were the in the top five costumes for both kids and adults in 2016 and that trend doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon.  In 2014 542 Canadian Caped Crusaders donned the cowl to establish the Guinness world record for most people dressed as Batman at once.

Batman costume world record

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Whether you’re looking to cosplay at Comicon, stand out at the next Halloween party or just don’t feel like wearing khakis today, here are our top 10 picks for the best Batman costumes for sale organized by price.


Batman T-Shirt with Cape and Mask – $17.50

 simple cheap batman costume

For when you want to be Batman, but not that much.  From established costume maker Rubie’s, the costume includes a graphic tee, cape and mask.  Sweet and simple without breaking the bank.

Batman 2nd Skin Zentai Costume – $35

batman zentai costume suit

The first full body option on our list is this one piece zentai Batman costume.  Designed to fit like a second skin, it includes a full face mask and cape.  The mask can be pulled down like a hood and the entire costume can be rolled up and thrown in a bag.  The material is thin enough to breath through and even… drink through.


Batman the Brave and the Bold Costume – $36

batman brave and bold adult costume

Based on the “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” cartoon series, this costume is the most colorful on our list.  Enjoy the lighter side of Gotham with the included belt, mask and cape.


Batman Arkham City Muscle Chest Costume – $46

batman arkham costume for sale

Based on the Batsuit from the Arkham City video game, this costume is one of the few licensed suits from the Arkham game franchise.  Crawl through those ventilation shafts with the greatest of ease with the jumpsuit, 3D molded belt, cape and mask.


Classic 1966 TV Show Adam West Batman Costume – $85

1966 adam west batman costume for sale

Pow!  Bring back the glory days with the 1966 TV show Batsuit made famous by Adam West. This 100% polyester marvel includes the suit, briefs, belt, headpiece with cowl, satin cape, gloves and boot tops.


BLACKEST NIGHT Zombie Batman Costume – $96

You’ll be sure to stand out from the hoards of living Batmen with the zombie Batman costume based on the Blackest Night crossover.  This costume features a zombified cowl and muscled/hollowed chest piece.


Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Grand Heritage Costume – $166

batman vs superman grand heritage costume

Based on the suit from Batman v. Superman, this costume is from Rubie’s Grand Heritage line, which features superior construction, richer colors, and better fabrics than more mainstream costumes.  Includes textured jumpsuit with removable cape, embossed logo, molded gauntlets, 3D boot tops, belt, and full vinyl mask.

SUPREME EDITION Armored Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice – $774

armored batman vs superman costume supreme edition

Based on the scene where Batman takes on the man of steel, this costume includes a jumpsuit with molded body armor, molded gauntlets, molded boot tops, helmet, belt, cape, bandolier, and gloves.  You’re sure to impress, but at this price be prepared to be Batman at every Halloween for the rest of your life.

Handmade Custom Fully-Body Dark Knight Suit – $1999

handmade dark knight costume for salegotham city fx dark knight costume

The craftsman at Gotham City FX have made a name for themselves creating replicas of creatures and costumes from films and video games.  Their handmade batsuit based on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight franchise is the highest quality available and a perfect duplicate.  Made using only premium urethanes and silicones, the Dark Knight costume includes a powder coated carbon fiber imprint body suit with attached armor, gauntlets, cowl, belt, boots and a scalloped cape.  Customized for each customer’s measurements, the costume is so good it has been used in multiple Batman short films.


Handmade Full Body Armor Batman vs. Superman Batsuit – $2599

real armored batsuit for sale

When the supreme edition armored batman costume just doesn’t cut it for you, there’s the screen-accurate made-to-measure version from  Made from polyurethane plastic and an aluminum framework, the armored Batsuit uses automotive grade paint and primer to give the plating that battle-ready look.  The detailed segments go on in pieces and take two people 30 mins to fully assemble.  The price increases to $2876 when bundled with optional extras like a voice-morpher and height increasing shoe pads.

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