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Top 10 Batman Crossovers Ever Done

Batman Crossovers

Although Batman says he works alone, any Batman fan knows this is far from the truth. Batman’s allies span far beyond the dynamic duo, and he has arguably one of the largest networks of protégés and partners within the superhero universe. Of course, sometimes his team-ups go beyond the DC superhero universe. While everyone loves a good crossover, there are certainly some weird ones that will catch you by surprise. How many of these Batman crossovers did you know about?

10. Power Rangers

Although the universes weren’t totally related, it’s safe to say that many young DC fans were also quoted as fond of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The action-packed series was an amazing superhero show that fills any 80s or 90s kid with a strong sense of nostalgia.

While many kids likely made their own crossover adventures in the form of action figures or costumes, there actually was an official comic crossover. DC and Boom! Studios collided the world of Justice League and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers together is a pretty amazing crime-fighting team-up. It was an enjoyable read that certainly fulfilled many of our young fantasies.  

Let’s look at some more Batman Crossovers.

9. Dracula

Batman encounters some pretty strange villains, but none are more infamous than Dracula himself. Yes, this is the same Count Dracula that is in basically everything as the most notorious vampire of them all.

While he’s not such a popular villain in Gotham City, he does encounter Batman on occasion and is considered an official enemy with the occupations of “vampire” and “Lord of the undead.” While he’s not the most outrageous crossover to make this list, the animated movie is a fun watch for someone looking for a more Halloween-y Batman adventure.

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8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are another crossover group that makes for a lighthearted and entertaining animated movie. While the heroes do eventually team up, their collaboration does not come before we get to enjoy some pretty decent turtle-vs-bat action. (For the record, it’s pretty clear that Batman outpowers the reptilian group.)

If you really enjoyed the movie, you’d be glad to know that there are a number of different crossovers to keep you entertained. All pretty lighthearted as far as the Gotham universe goes, but enjoyable to fans of any age, nonetheless.

Batman vs. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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7. Loony Tunes

However, if you are looking for a darker look at a classic kid’s show, the Loony Tunes arc is worth a read. When you buy a traditional comic book, most issues come in a variety of different cover options. This gives the opportunity for people to collect art (or simply pick out their favorite cover from an assortment of artists).

There was an entire run of Loony Tunes art for comics that features some disturbing crossovers between characters like Daffy Duck and the Joker or Lex Luther and Porky Pig.

Even more disturbing was the short comic between Elmer Fudd and Batman, which was pretty creepy. Beyond these little crossovers, both universes reference each other through quotes or parodied styles. It’s not so surprising when you remember that Warner Bros. bought DC a while back.

6. Scribblenauts

One thing that may surprise you is that the Scribblenauts series has a DC crossover release. The popular game lets players solve puzzles and missions through whatever creative means they feel like by creating virtually any object they can write out.

Scribblenauts Unmasked takes this a step further and drops players off in the middle of the DC comics universe. Maxwell, the main character, works together with popular characters like Batman, Superman, and Cyborg to restore order to the world. It’s an enjoyable crossover we never knew we wanted.

5. Sesame Street

Sometimes, Batman’s involvement with a universe predates the actual premiere. Before Sesame Street made it on TV, DC placed ads in their comics urging children to watch the show when it came out. Since then, Batman has made several fun appearances to the show, popping up for small educational segments. Why did the creators bring in Batman to teach kids about traffic safety, taking turns, and directions?

Well, they argued that Batman had this air of authority that really made an impact on the young viewers who idolized him. There were also several different parodies produced where Sesame Street or Muppets characters paid homage to Batman, such as “The Dark Nine” featuring Elmo or “The Caped Crus8er” featuring Bert.

4. Chipmunks

Batman Crossovers

The Chipmunks Go to The Movies is an underrated, forgotten series featuring the Chipmunks gang parodying a different blockbuster in every episode. Episodes covered popular movies such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Jaws, and King Kong.

Batmunk was one popular episode that introduced many young children to the caped crusader in a fun story following Simon (Brice Wayne), Theodore (Happy the Butler), Brittany (Nicki Nale), and Alvin (The Jokester). It’s definitely an enjoyable episode to watch for anyone that enjoys either Batman or Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Of course, there were mixed ratings of the episode, but if you ever look at the breakdown, it’s because half of the views highly rate it while others find it awful. It’s a “hit or miss” that we personally enjoyed and marked as a successful crossover!

3. Aliens

Batman Crossovers

Most of these crossovers are there to offer children a kid-friendly peek into the Batman universe. However, the Batman/ Aliens comic is anything but kid-friendly. This popular crossover (which was published in 1997 and given a sequel in 2003) follows Batman as he investigates the disappearance of a Wayne Enterprises geologist in the jungle.

He ends up seeing that American Special Ops is there, and they engage in battle with Aliens – yes, from the classic horror movie/ comic Aliens. Of course, Batman makes it through and uses his amazing detective skills to take on the threat. It’s a great read – and it may also be interesting to know that there is also a gritty Batman/ Predator crossover as well.

2. Captain America

Batman Crossovers

While a team-up between two superheroes doesn’t seem so odd at first, it’s important to remember that these two heroes come from different, rivaling worlds. While DC and Marvel are competing forces, they do allow characters to have a crossover issue once in a while.

There are tons of great examples of times Batman met with Marvel heroes like Spiderman or The Hulk, but the 1997 one-shot issue of Batman and Captain America is arguably one of the most enjoyable. Much for the same reason why Superman and Batman make such a great team, watching the boy scout that is Captain America team up with the brooding dark knight is fun.

Bucky and Captain America team up with Batman and Robin to take down both The Joker and The Red Skull in an amazing crossover. This is also the issue that is responsible for providing the world with the amazing scene showing Joker’s patriotism. When The Joker realizes that The Red Skull is really a Nazi, he comments how he “may be a criminal lunatic,” but he’s an “American criminal lunatic.”

1. Scooby-Doo (Best Batman Crossovers)

Batman Crossovers

While all of these crossovers were great and appreciated, the one crossover that ranks supreme in our book is the Scooby-Doo/ Batman storylines. The Mystery Gang and Batman have been teaming up for decades now in fun TV specials and comics that were enjoyable for everyone.

This was another kid-friendly iteration that introduced children into the wondrous world of Batman. The two worlds really compliment each other, and it’s not so surprising that their crossovers just keep happening. In fact, in a brand new comic series, Batman is officially joining on with the gang to solve mysteries.

As Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries is making its debut in 2021, we have a lot to look forward to. While the verdict is still out on this fresh run, there are tons of previous media where the crossovers were fun and enjoyable, earning it the top slot no matter what.

There are tons of other Batman crossovers we didn’t have the opportunity to list. Did we get your favorites? We want to hear from you! Let us know what your favorite crossovers were below!