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The Ultimate Batman Bong Guide

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Some of you might have seen the glassy structure consisting of cylindrical pipe which usually resembles a lab beaker in shape. That has water inside them for filtration purposes. This apparatus makes a unique gurgling sound while in operation and makes smoke fumes in the process. These structures are called bongs. And are traditionally used for smoking tobacco, cannabis, or other herbal substances.

Bongs have become quite popular in recent years due to their appearances in movies and their adoption by the public in general. In this article, we will explain everything there is to know about bongs. And also list some of the best Batman featuring Bong options.

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The word bong is believed to be derived from the Thai word “baung”. Baung in turn refers to the traditional pipe-like structure with a container that has been used for smoking purposes mainly in Asia.

Excavations have revealed bong-like structures made of gold, from 2400 years ago. Evidence has led the researchers to believe that the gold bongs were indeed used to smoke cannabis and opium by Scythian tribal chiefs.

Further pieces of evidence have revealed that the bongs became the most popular source of smoking in the Chinese Kingdoms during the Ming dynasty in the 16th Century A.D.

Similar bongs were also used by the communities along the Silk Route in the same era. These bongs usually consisted of a single pipe only. And were used for mainly smoking tobacco.

But the bongs dating back to the Qing dynasty resemble more to the modern bongs that we use today.

Working Principle

The water in the bong is used to trap the heavier particles from entering the user’s airways. Although the percentage filtration that the bong provides is still debatable. The user can inhale the smoke by directly placing their mouth above the pipe which also hosts the water container.

While cannabis, tobacco, or any other herbal substance is placed in the stem of the bong. Tobacco is burned which produces smoke that passes from the water and is finally inhaled by the user.

The basic concept behind the working of a bong is to cool the smoke being inhaled by passing it through the water or ice chambers in the bong. The more contact the smoke has with the water, the cooler and smoother the smoke. Bongs come in various sizes and shapes but all of them aim at providing an extremely comfortable smoking experience.

Bongs are either made up of plastic or glass. In the case of the bongs are made up of glass, the glass used is made up of mineral silicates so that it can withstand high temperatures. From a structural point of view, the working and making of a hookah and a bong is exactly the same.

Batman Bong Options

Bongs provide the smoothest and coolest smoke hits for the user to inhale. It provides an extremely luxurious smoking experience to everybody. This is the reason it has become massively popular in the US over the last two decades.

Now Imagine if you can enjoy a smoke in a bong that also features Batman on the glass. It will certainly make the smoking experience even more enjoyable and memorable as compared to a plain bong.

So for all the Batman fans who like to enjoy a smoke as well, we have selected two of the best bong options that feature Batman on the glass to make your experience the best in this world. And listed an extremely rare Dark Knight Edition of Hookah as well.

One of the bongs consists of a 13″ pipe and is made up of glass that can withstand repeated exposure to heat. It is printed with an arrangement of the yellow-colored Bat logos and is one of the best bong options that you will find.

Batman Beaker Bong - Nice Glass
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The second Batman Bong consists of an 11″ pipe with the beaker printed with multiple Batman pictures. In each picture, Batman is showcasing one of his unique fighting poses.

Glass Batman Bong 11”
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The hookah features a large Bat Logo of Batman that appeared in The Dark Knight trilogy. It is an extremely rare collectible. The hookah is completely handmade to provide you the best smoking experience.

TheBat Batman Dark Night Edition Hookah | Etsy
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For Tobacco Use Only

Bongs can be used to smoke a variety of herbal substances including hemp and cannabis. But due to certain legal reasons, bongs are advertised as “For Tobacco Use Only”. This is done to prevent the bongs from falling under the “drug paraphernalia” category and therefore being subjected to the laws of that particular category.

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