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The Complete Guide to The Batman Forever Batmobile

Batman Forever Batmobile

The Batman Forever Batmobile is a memorable Batmobile that people either hate or love. Whereas the 1989 Batmobile is universally cool to most people, The Batman Forever Batmobile bothered many due to its neon lights and lizard-like features.

Regardless of where you stand on this Batmobile or the movie it comes from, there is still much to know and celebrate about this rendition of the famous vehicle. In Batman Forever, we got to see some unique things happen to the Batmobile.

History of the Batman Forever Batmobile

The movie is the 3rd rendition of Batman on the Big Screen after the 1989 version, and Batman Returns. The film had a new director in Joel Schumacher. It was clear from the beginning that the film was taking a much different direction than the previous two films. There was much more flashiness and bright colors to the movie.

Barbara Ling designed the Batmobile, and the vehicle had a much more fancy touch to it. She designed a vehicle that looked like it actually had ribs and wings. To bring life to these areas and the whole Batmobile, it had a backlight added to it.

The wheels were made so that the Bat logo was always upright when driving. Overall the entire feel of the Batmobile matched much of what was loved in previous versions. It had jet propulsion, but it just had a more futuristic touch to it.


  • Engine Type: ZZ3 Chevrolet Racing Engine
  • Length: 25 Feet
  • Height: 10 1/2 Feet
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How It Ranks

Where does the Batmobile rank compare to other Batmobile’s? You rarely find people rating this Batmobile as the best. What you most often hear about is the 1989 Batmobile, the classic Batmobile from the 60s show, and the Rumbler from the Dark Knight.

If people like Batman to come out with his all-black signature look, they tend not to like this Batmobile. The vehicle and Batman’s idea is to strike fear into the hearts of bad guys, and you can’t sneak up on people when you have a blue light beaming off of your car.

That Batman Forever Batmobile Worst Moments

Batmobile Side Shift and Wall Climb

The Batmobile is always getting new features and tricks. The Batman Forever Batmobile was able to shift to the side, which is a cool feature. The movie just used it in a really cheesy way.

Batman got out of the way of a rocket launcher by using the side-shift, and the attack ended up killing one of two faces own. We think the idea of the Batmobile being able to do the Cha-Cha slide out of the way is pretty cool regardless.

Dick Grayson Joy Ride

The Batmobile went through a lot in this movie, including having a Joy Ride from Dick Grayson. The scene is so funny that there is no way Bruce does not have the tech to stop this.

Especially after Batman Returns, when The Penguin got a hold of his vehicle and took it for a Joy Ride with Batman still in it, he would have upped his security on the vehicle after that. You’re not fooling Batman twice.

Batmobile Destroyed

Even if you were a huge fan of this version of the Batmobile, it did not last long. The Riddler and Two-Face eventually break into the Batmobile and ruin the entire Batcave. The Riddler specifically sets out to destroy the Batmobile.

They successfully ruin Batman’s entire operation. Imagine putting in all the work Bruce Wayne would put into upgrading his new Batmobile, only to have the entire thing destroyed. All of the features and gadgets, gone in a blink of an eye.

Final Thoughts On The Batman Forever Batmobile

No matter how you feel about the Batmobile, it was an edition of the vehicle that needed to happen. It would be boring if every single Batmobile ever made was just black.

Though many don’t like the movies because they are not based on the comics, we applaud the director for doing something out of the Box. For trying to create a Gotham City that now just doing the same old things. The Batmobile brought some flare that fans had never seen before.

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