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The Batman Beyond Comic: The End to The Legacy

Batman Beyond Comic

The Batman Beyond Comic is one of the best Batman iterations in the Dark Knight Mythos, and it’s not just because it was a fan favorite. You could tell by the level of effort put into the storyline and general creation that this project meant everything to everyone involved.

It may not have gotten the biggest of applause during its run, but it is receiving its due years down from its airing. The Batman Beyond comic received its own cult following, worthy for a show of its status.

In this review, we take a look at the iconic end to Bruce Wayne’s Batman legacy, and what the future holds for his successor, Terry McGinnis. 

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Batman Beyond Comic: Overview

Batman Beyond is a comic book series under the comic book imprint Detective Comics (also known as DC). It features the adventures of the new Batman of the future, Terry McGinnis. It is based on the animated television series Batman Beyond and serves as a follow-up continuation to the television show’s events.

Batman Beyond has appeared in various publications from DC Comics, particularly in a miniseries that lasted for six issues and was released in 1999. He has his own series; a 24 issue series that was released between 1999 and 2001, in the Hush storyline released in 2010, and an eight-issue miniseries that was released in 2011.

After that, Batman Beyond Unlimited, a short running series, was released, with a follow-up Batman Beyond 2.0 released in 2013. 

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The 24 issue series was set in the same universe as the animated series and was aimed at a younger demographic. One of the issues, Issue #3, was meant to feature the Terrific Trio, who happened to be villains from Terry’s gallery from the TV show.

It would have seen Magma and 2D Man attempt to bring their teammate Freone back to life. However, plans for that were scrapped because of the character’s resemblance to Marvel’s Fantastic Four.

Terry’s Batman also appeared in the comic book Superman Adventures Issue #54. In this story, he travels to the past, which is actually the present, where he teams up with Superman to take down a futuristic version of Brainiac. In 2001, DC Comic released a comic book adaptation of the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker.

The Batman Beyond comic series had issues reprinted in Batman Beyond and DC Comics Presents Batman Beyond #1.

Batman Beyond Comic Cameos

In the comic book series Superman/Batman Issue #22, Jeph Loeb wrote a Batman donning the Batman Beyond suit. It is his first appearance in the mainstream DC continuity.

In the arc, Bizzaro is being transported to an alternate version of Gotham. By Issue #23, Batman is named, with his identity being revealed as ‘Tim.’ When Batman’s action figure that appears in these issues is released, the packaging describes him as Tim Drake, the third Robin.

In 2007, precisely March 3rd, it was announced that the Terry McGinnis version of Batman might be making his way into the mainstream DC Universe that year. True to that announcement, Terry appeared in Final Crisis #21 on Earth-12.

A Green Lantern implied to be from Earth-12, a universe within the multiverse similar to Batman Beyond, was a participant in the Countdown: Arena series leading towards Final Crisis in 2007. Batman Beyond also made a cameo in Justice League of America #43, released in May 2010.

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Mainstream Contemporary Continuity

In Batman #700, released in June 2010, Terry McGinnis is included in the one-off as a part of the DC Universe presented, having a history with Damian Wayne, who rescued him as Batman from Two-Face-Two when he was held hostage as an infant. Two-Face-Two believed Terry McGinnis was one of a pair of twin boys who were the sons of billionaires rather than Warren and Mary McGinnis.

Two-Face-Two then transformed Terry into a miniature duplicate of the Joker using Joker venom. Damian Wayne administers the antidote after he rescues Terry. On the following page, Terry as a teenager, is seen wearing the Batman cowl as he battles a resurrected Joker. However, instead of Bruce as his mentor, Damian is the one who takes Terry under his wing.

Terry also appears in Superman/Batman Annual #4 (2010). This comic book is a single oversized issue featuring Terry McGinnis’ Batman. It was written by Paul Levitz, who had some experience collaborating with Paul Dini and Alan Burnett in the past. The comic picks up right after Superman’s first meeting the new Batman, which took place in the DC Animated Universe.

In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC’s continuity. In the New 52 continuity, we meet Terry in his first appearance in the 2014 maxiseries; The New 52: Futures End.

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Batman Beyond Comic #50: Where the End Leaves Everyone

With Batman’s end beyond’s running issue at number #50, written by  Dan Jurgens, Sean Chen, Sean Parsons, Chris Sotomayor, and Travis Lanham, we see events that set the new Batman and the rest of the Bat-family up for more adventures. 

We’re not the only ones who feel this way, as Wonder Woman herself invites Terry to fill in the vacant Batman spot on the future’s Justice League. We’re confident that this will definitely happen at some point, but as of present, where does every member of Terry McGinnis’s Neo-Gotham stand?

Terry McGinnis

After dispatching Inque in a very clever manner, stopping her from framing him for murder, Terry earns respect and admiration for Wonder Woman. She subsequently invites him to join the new iteration of the Justice League.

While Terry still has a lot of work to do in Neo-Gotham, it might be a while before joining the league. When he does, it will be interesting to see his take on the dark knight’s role. Considering he is a much different Batman to Bruce Wayne’s, it will be interesting to look out for. 

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Dick And Elainna Grayson

The first Robin and Boy Wonder himself, Dick Grayson, has always been an integral part of Batman’s legacy. Many would have liked him to succeed Bruce as Batman, as he has done so many other times in the mythos. But when you consider his backstory, leaving Batman’s shadow has always been Dick’s one mission.

That’s why he became Nightwing, after all. In the Batman Beyond comic, Nightwing has aged just like everything else in Gotham, and he even has his own legacy, carried on by his daughter Elaina Grayson. They both fulfill what it means to be Nightwing together.

In the comic, when Terry is absent, Elaina steals the Batsuit to defeat the returned Blight. She refused to stop her training as a masked vigilante, not unlike the future Batman or her father himself, and subsequently went on to be trained by Commissioner Barbara Gordon.

As a final nod of approval, Dick gives her the iconic blue and black Nightwing colors. Elaina was also an essential part of Terry’s campaign to stop Zehro and the League of Assassins in “The Eradication Agenda” story arc. As the new Batwoman, there is definitely more to come. 

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Barbara Gordon

Having retired as the Commissioner of Police for Neo-Gotham Police, Barbara Gordon takes on an even more important role. She is tasked with the training of Neo-Gotham’s future Batwoman.

Barbara Gordon has always been one of the Bat-Family’s most loyal members and transfers all of her skills and knowledge to future generations. Such mentorship is sure to tie in the past and the future together for great results. 

Damian Wayne

For Damian Wayne, his role in the Batman Beyond comic mythos is a little shaky. When we first meet him, he is trying to kill Terry McGinnis. Eventually, he comes around, even asking for Terry’s help in destroying Zero and the new League of Assassins.

When we see him last, he is shaking hands with his father, as they pledge to use their resources to make the world a much better place. Damian will definitely become a great ally for Terry in the long run, especially with the new and reformed League of Assassins.

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Matt McGinnis

Matt McGinnis is Terry’s younger brother, and according to the background from the animated series, he also shares the same Bruce Wayne genetic code that his brother does.

With Terry as the new Batman, it would not be far-fetched to assume that Matt could one day soon go on to become the new Robin. Fighting crime and injustice alongside his brother would be a sight to see, and we cannot imagine the character’s storyline ending up with any other climax.

To read up on the actual events that transpired in the Batman Beyond comic over the course of the series, you can make your purchase on Amazon’s store under this listing.

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