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Taser X2: If You Don’t Like Guns Like Batman

Taser X2

A Taser X2 could be the only thing between you and your life being snatched away. The truth is that no one thinks that bad things will happen to them until it does and it’s too late. In some parts of the world, they believe you should train for martial arts when you’re young, so you’re ready for the day of trouble. If you wait until the day of trouble to come, it’s much too late.

We all know that Batman has a no-gun policy. It is widely speculated to be because a gun killed his parents. Well, who knows? It could be that, or he believes in his ability to capture villains without guns. We might never know. But what we do know is that he uses tasers like the Taser X2. You may have the same feelings about guns, so this may be perfect for you too.

A vivid example is from The Dark Knight. A crony tried to take off Batman’s mask, and, ‘BAM!’, a wave of electricity courses through his entire body. So, yes, we know that he doesn’t use an actual hand taser, but he has surely got a handful of gadgets that serve the same purpose.

What is a taser?

A taser is a device usually designed in the shape of a handgun. Its full meaning is the Tom A. Swift Electric Rifle. Weird name, right? Yeah, we know. But first off, who in God’s name is Tom A. Swift.

Well, there is an easy explanation for this. A NASA researcher named Jack Cove was the creator of the taser. Out of a whim, he named the weapon after a childhood hero in a book. The book’s title was Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle.

What does a taser do?

Most people use the taser for self-defense. When the trigger is pulled, it shoots about 50,000 volts of electricity. This is not enough to kill a man, but just the right amount to incapacitate someone.

The taser propels two small darts. These darts are still connected to the device with very thin wires. These wires can reach an approximate distance of 35 feet (11 meters). Clothes cannot guard against tasers. It is designed to penetrate clothes and immediately discharge the electricity into the victim’s body. 

A taser is not a firearm. Firearms are weapons that depend on gun power for propulsion. However, the taser uses Nitrogen for the darts to launch. 

The taser is absolutely different from a stun-gun. A stun gun has to be pressed against the body of the victim for it to work. A taser does not, but it can easily do the work like the stun gun when pressed against a person. 

The Taser X2

The Taser X2 is one of the models of tasers you can find out there. Law enforcement agencies use this taser. Civilians also use them for self-defense. TASER International, Inc created this model way back in 2011.

It was released after the Taser X26 model. The X26 was bulkier and heavier. However, they had similar designs. Its size and weight played a large part in the creation of X2. Unlike other Tasers, the X2 model is semi-automatic. It also has the ability to shoot two cartridges just in case the first one misses its mark. 

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How Does it Work?

The Taser X2 does not operate under the principle of pain compliance. It packs enough punch to take a person with a high level of pain tolerance down. And if that doesn’t work, the drive-stun mode can be enabled. This enables the taser to follow the pain compliance principle.

The X2’s design is similar to that of a normal pistol. It has a trigger, aiming sights, and a safety lock.

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Is the Taser X2 Safe?        

Engineers associated with Taser international have tested the safety of the Taser X2. Previous versions of conducted electrical weapons (CEW) have been discovered to have a terrible effect on the body and a few deaths.

This has thrown CEWs into bad waters in people’s minds. However, engineers have certified the Taser X2 safe. The motor and sensory nerves are disrupted by the X2, not enough to give a person cardiac arrest.

To make it safer, charges only last for about 5 seconds per activation. It has a video and camera function for monitoring the use of the taser.

What are the dangers of the Taser X2?

Electricity and the human body are not compatible. Exposure to certain amounts of electricity could stop your heart. Tasers, when used inappropriately could cause cardiac arrhythmia.

It could happen to someone that is perfectly healthy or someone with a history. This leads to a heart attack or death within minutes. This known as ventricular fibrillation, triggering cardiac arrest and, if not taken care of swiftly, leads to sudden death.

Final Thoughts On The Taser X2

The X2 is not to be toyed with. Keep them out of children’s reach and use them only when there is an absolute need to. The best way to keep you safe is to have a few legal weapons like the taser gun. Self-defense is important in this time and age.

You would rather have one on you than not have it and wish you did. A Taser is a great way to protect yourself if the idea of having a loaded gun is too scary. You can take lives much easier with a gun, and there is no coming back from that. Tasers provide people with second chances they may not even deserve.

Here at Batman Factor, we want to help people live life with the type of preparation that Superman has when he stores Kryptonite if he ever has to face Superman. If you can be that prepared in life, you don’t have to worry.

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