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Taser Cane: The Perfect Weapon For The Elderly

Taser Cane

It’s easy to talk about different gadgets and weapons people can use and forget the elderly. Some people are sick in this world, and they want to attack the weak. The elderly are some of the most vulnerable people in our society. The Taser Cane can be the perfect weapon for someone who needs to use a cane or a walker to get around.

The Taser Cane comes with the ability to shock people with the bottom of the cane. It’s a great weapon because you can also keep attackers at a distance with the weapon. You don’t have to allow them to get too close.

What is the Taser Cane?

The Taser, or Zap cane, is a good example of looks that can be deceiving because it looks exactly like a regular walking stick. The built-in rechargeable stun gun is there to protect you in the event of an attack from a violent neighborhood dog or some crazy maniac. Like all Taser devices, the Taser cane is non-lethal. It doesn’t inflict any lasting harm on an assailant.

It is a self-defense weapon capable of delivering a whopping 1 million volt of electric impulse. That is powerful enough to stop any criminal or violent neighborhood dog in its tracks. Providing you with critical time to get away from danger. The Taser produces a loud noise on activation. That alone is enough to scare away potential attackers. 

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If you are the kind of person who likes to take evening walks in the neighborhood or around the block, the Taser cane is a must-have personal defense weapon for you. The cane is convenient. Like a regular walking cane, it gives you stability while you go on your walks.

A good reason the Taser cane is a perfect self-defense weapon for elderly persons. A rechargeable battery powers the built-in Taser gun. So you don’t have to replace it. 

You can adjust the length of the Taser cane from 32 to 36 inches. The handgrip is made of rubber, making it convenient to hold. It is equipped with a 30-lumen ultra-bright LED flashlight. 

Can A Taser Cane Kill?

Due to the ever-existent factor that the taser can kill a man. It is usually termed as a less-lethal weapon instead of the nonlethal term. Also, it is important to note that this does not mean that a taser cane can not kill you. What it does is that it emits electric voltage to function, as the name implies. This makes it an ever-existing threat when it comes in contact with a human being.

The taser is discrete and convenient to wield—an effective and convenient self-defense weapon for walks and more. You can defend yourself with a high-quality weapon that doesn’t look like what it is.

How Does it Work ?

Most people use the taser cane mainly for self-defense. It seems like a cane that doesn’t look suspicious. When the cane is activated, however, it produces volts of electricity. This is not enough to kill a man, but just the right amount to incapacitate him. The taser cane packs an electric punch and does more than your reach. It extends your reach.

When you press the fire button on the taser Cane, it emits a charge.  By pressing the firing button without even making physical contact with the target, a bright electric current pulsates between the electrode prongs and creates an intimidating electrical sound.

This action alone may alarm an aggressive animal or give pause to a human threat. 

How Strong is the Taser Cane

If the sight and sound don’t stop the threat, a contact jolt from the tip of the taser cane will deliver a strong electric bite that is at least very unpleasant and at most very painful. This solely depends on the duration of contact and how much pain the threat or target can withstand.

Here is how the taser cane works. When an attacker is touched by the taser cane, seeing as the brain consists of electricity and neurons, the concentrated electricity will temporarily disrupt. The messages that the brain sends to voluntary muscles will be disrupted. 

This happens when you touch an attacker. It will deliver a high voltage shock that may cause loss of balance, confusion, muscle control, or disorientation. At the very least, the surprise of the electronic bite and the discharge’s crackling sound will interrupt the encounter and give an edge over the situation. 

Old Bruce Wayne and The Taser Cane

You see Bruce Wayne using a cane in Batman beyond. In the series, Bruce Wayne is old and decides that it’s time to retire after almost using a gun. He almost breaks his one rule. For the rest of the series, he finds a new Batman to continue with the role. You often see Bruce Wayne in the series using his cane to get around, but he also uses it as a weapon.

In the series, Bruce Was still young enough to fight, but there is no doubt that he could have used the Taser Cane a few times. He often relied on his fighting technique and brute strength to get him out of tough spots. He should have relied on his can to shock people so that he could get away without fighting.