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Taser C2 – Step Up Your Self-Defense

Taser C2

Taser devices are the next generation of personal protective systems. Relied on by over 10 000 police agencies in over 40 countries. Taser devices have been used more than five hundred thousand times, saving lives every day. The Taser C2 is a favorite because it’s a mix of a handgun and a non-lethal self-defense weapon.

It’s great because it does not kill but can put a person on the ground for a few minutes. During this time, you and your loved ones can get away from danger. You don’t want to get caught in a bad situation without a personal protection device. Maybe carrying a gun is a bit scary because it can be so lethal, well this would be the perfect option for you.

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Understanding The Taser C2

The Taser C2 is an electronic, non-lethal self-defense weapon. It is capable of immobilizing an assailant due to its advanced TASER technology. Giving you and your loved ones critical time to escape danger. 

The Taser C2 shoots an electric wire of 15 feet. Allowing an ample distance between you and your assailant. It can penetrate the skin and thick clothing. Once activated, the Taser causes the assaulter to freeze in place. 

The Taser C2 is an impressive self-defense weapon because it is concealable, dependable, and powerful. It’s the safest and yet most effective self-defense option.  It can easily fit in your purse, in your car, and even under your shirt. 

How The Taser C2 Works

The Taser C2 has loads of features, but it is straightforward to operate.  The intuitive functions on the Taser let you respond rapidly, safely, and effectively to a situation. 

The trigger safety cover prevents you from accidentally activating the device. The trigger safety cover is an easy-to-use smart safety function. Once you take hold of the device, the push of your thumb slides the cover open. Activating the Taser C2 and revealing the trigger. 

In dark environments, the integrated LED light helps lit up the surrounding. The optional laser sight helps you take precise shots by showing you exactly where you are aiming at. 

The Taser works by deploying two probes into the assailant. These probes transfer electrical impulses into the assailant for 30 seconds. The result is neuromuscular incapacitation that briefly overrules the control functions of the body system. This impairs the muscular control of the attacker. Giving you enough time to escape danger. 

The Taser C2 is superior to pepper sprays and uses force defense options to use it from a safe distance. Away from the attacker. Due to the 15-foot insulated wire attached to each probe. 

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The Technology of The Taser C2


The technology to freeze even the most aggressive assailant in their track. NMI temporarily overrules the functions and control of the body system to weaken muscular control. 


The technology makes use of high voltage to penetrate barriers around the body, such as clothing. This is followed by a lower voltage impulse which causes neuromuscular incapacitation. 


This is a replaceable module that lets you target at ranges up to 15 feet. The C2 cartridge is made up of high voltage insulated TASER wire, two metal probes, nitrogen propulsion system, and Anti-felon Identification (AFID) Serialization, a system to stop misuse of the Taser C2, through expanded accountability. 


To prevent the mishandling of the Taser, each cartridge undergoes bar-coded serialization. So that on activation, the Taser distributes 20 to 30 small confetti-like AFID tags. These tags are printed with the serial number of the activated cartridge. 

If the Taser C2 with that cartridge is ever used in a criminal act, Law enforcement agencies will determine the real owner and track the impersonator. 


The TASER microprocessor synchronizes laser illumination with the safety switch operation. 


The Taser C2 comes with a power source charged with lithium battery cells. A solid-state memory module that tracks power usage and remaining power levels. And it allows software updates distribution through battery replacement. 


To fully comply with user identification and screening, the Taser is shipped in a locked state. It can only be unlocked with the activation code you receive upon successful registration, background check approval, and identification verification. This is done through the privacy of a toll-free number or a secure website. 

Taser C2 Accessories 

Replacement Battery Pack for the TASER Bolt and C2, Available on Amazon:  It’s a non-rechargeable, durable lithium power magazine. It can power all c2 devices and can fire up to 50 rounds. It’s easily replaceable. 

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TASER Bolt & Pulse Two-Pack of Live Cartridges, Available on Amazon: It’s advisable to always have extra live cartridges in stock if you deplete the ones you are already using. These two packs of cartridges go perfectly well with the Taser C2, Taser Bolt, and Pulse.

Integrated with the black cartridges are conductive wires, probes, a gas capsule, and a primer. It can shoot at a range of 15 feet. Can cause an assailant to lose coordinated use of the muscular system. Giving you enough time to escape to safety. 

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Taser Black Leather Case with White Stitching for Taser Bolt, Available on Amazon: This superior leather holster was custom made for the Taser C2 and the Taser Bolt. It has the best to offer when it comes to both form and function. This holster has an auto-eject capability. This means you can easily access your Taser in the case of an emergency. 

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Increasing Your Batman Factor With The C2 Taser

We are all about helping everyday people like you to embrace your inner Bruce Wayne to increase your Batman Factor. The first thing you must own is that Batman shows that any person can make a difference if they care enough. Batman lives to stand against all that is wrong when it comes to crime.

When you choose to carry a C2 Taser with you, you’re taking a stand against injustice. You are also standing up for your life and the lives of people you care about. Like Bruce’s parents, some people assume that because they are good people, others will be good too, but this is not always the reality. Expect the best in life but always prepare for the worst.