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Shaman SUV

Shaman – The 8-Wheeled Amphibious Monster ATV

Built in Russia, the Shaman clearly has a specific buyer in mind… Outdoorsy oligarchs who need to make it to their remote compound by any means necessary. The Shaman is a 20′ long all-terrain-vehicle that...

rezvani tank review

The 500hp Bulletproof Tank with Night-Vision

They say the road less traveled is the one worth following.  The problem is that sometimes that road has a few… obstacles.  Things that your Honda just can’t handle.  Things like gravel and mud.  Or snow...

The Real Batman Tank – Ripsaw EV3-F4

The EV3-F4 is the third iteration of what is perhaps the most badass vehicle ever made: The Ripsaw.  Built by extreme vehicle fabricator Howe and Howe Technologies, the Ripsaw is a highly maneuverable...