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Superman vs Thanos: Clash of The Titans

Superman vs thanos

There have been many interesting competitions that have gone viral over the internet. This trend started way back when Goku became a hit in the US. And people started comparing him with Superman. And similarly, after the Marvel Cinematic Universe became a hit with the fans. They started to compare the Avengers to their Justice League counterparts. This has led to very interesting debates about the versus competitions of these characters. But one competition that never gained any considerable traction is the “Superman vs Thanos” clash.

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Superman is the most powerful superhero of the DC Universe. While Thanos also known as the Mad Titan is the second most powerful villain of the Marvel comics. he is ranked second only to Galactus. So we can say one thing that however silm the chances of their fight might be. But the fight is definitely is going to be a “Clash Of The Titans”.

In this article we are going to analyze the strengths of both these characters. And put the in hypothetical situations to assess who can be the winner.

Superman vs Thanos: DC Universe

For this hypothetical scenario, we will assume that the Superman vs Thanos clash is taking place in the DC Universe. It is a bright sunny day and the heat can be felt by the residents of Metropolis when they see a large vessel appear in the sky that is blocking the sunlight from coming to the city. Above the ship is standing Thanos.

He has come to the DC Universe to conquer Earth and impress her crush “Lady Death”. Just as Thanos is about to launch an attack on the city. An extreme force swoops towards him at lightning speed and knocks him off his ship and smashes him into the ground below.

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Thanos is startled by such raw power and when he sees it in front of him. The protector of Metropolis is hovering mid-air in front of him. Superman warns Thanos to withdraw his troops or be ready to face the consequences.

Although Thanos did research about the most powerful member of the Justice League. But he still underestimated Superman after taking down the Avengers and also due to possessing the infinity gauntlet. Thanos warns Superman to surrender at which he receives another punch from Superman. This punch sends Thanos crashing into a series of buildings.

Use Of Infinity Gauntlet

Thanos after sweating some drops of his purple blood wants to end this quickly and uses the gauntlet to stop Superman. But to his surprise, the gauntlet does not work in the DC Universe.

This is a known fact as seen in the JLA/Avengers 2004 crossover storyline. Meanwhile, Superman subjects Thanos to a series of punches after throwing him into the air. Thanos fires his energy beam from his fists at Superman, but Superman fires his heat vision to counter the attack. Both energies collide and dissipate in the form of a shockwave.

At this moment Thanos feels that the strength of Superman is unlike anything he has ever seen from the protectors of Earth in his Universe. And prepares to fight with Superman one on one the old way.

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One On One Showdown

The showdown begins with Thanos punching Superman pushing him away by miles. But he had already taken on Wraith and Doomsday and even Darkseid. Superman feels the strength of Thanos but had seen worse.

Both of them exchange blows with Superman taking the upper hand due to his lightning speed that the Mad Titan can not match. So Thanos takes out his sword and attacks Superman but again to his surprise Superman’s body is unharmed and his blade is stopped by the impact on Superman’s skin, just like Steppenwolf’s blade in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Superman freezes his blade and breaks it into several pieces.

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Feeling the raw power and abilities of Superman, Thanos thinks of a new strategy. As Thanos is the best strategist of his universe. But before he can implement anything Superman takes the fight into outer space and absorbs energy from the sun revealing it as his power source. He then punches Thanos with his full force that sends Thanos an already beaten Thanos crashing down to Earth.

Superman then warns a passing out Thanos never to come back to his city or planet ever again and forces the purple monster to retreat. With Thanos vowing to return.

Superman is able to beat Thanos because of his unimaginable strength and lightning-fast speed. And Superman did not even use his Solar Flare. Even if he does not allow Thanos to return to his own universe and Thanos again puts up a fight.

Superman can always lock him up in the “Phantom Zone”. So any Superman vs Thanos fight in the DC Universe will end up in Superman beating Thanos.

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Superman vs Thanos: Marvel Universe

If Superman ever fights Thanos in the Marvel universe then there are two possible scenarios which we can explore.

With Infinity Gauntlet

In this scenario, we are going to assume that Thanos possesses the “Infinity Gauntlet”. As we have seen in the Avengers movies Thanos likes to fight before he uses the gauntlet. And to reach Thanos Superman can beat his minions easily with his heat vision and fierce punches. And when Superman faces the Mad Titan. On realizing the true power of the gauntlet Superman can use his heat vision to cut Thanos’ arm or freeze his arm to take off the gauntlet.

After removing the gantlet Superman does not even need to wear it to beat Thanos as his power source is also present in the Marvel universe. And by using his power Superman can beat Thanos without the gauntlet even on Thanos’ home turf.

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Without The Infinity Gauntlet

Without the gauntlet, Thanos does not have a single weapon that can actually hurt Superman. Anything thrown at him will not pierce Superman’s skin to everybody’s surprise. And even after fighting Thanos and his defenses all Superman needs to do is re-energize himself using the power of the Sun. And the Superman vs Thanos fight will still end with Superman winning.

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Some might argue that Thanos is more powerful, and they might be right. But Superman possesses a lot of versatile abilities and superpowers that are more than enough to beat Thanos. Superman has taken on Darkseid and he is a far more stronger opponent than Thanos can ever be.

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