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Superman Vs Goku: The Ultimate Competition

Superman vs Goku

Superman vs Goku is one of the most debated topics worldwide. With the popularity of Japanese manga in the US. And the positive reception of the Dragon Ball series. Goku’s comparison to Superman was just inevitable. And we will try to end this debate in this article. Both the characters are extremely powerful and are the saviors of their own respective worlds. Goku can very rightly be called the best martial artist in the world. But Superman is on a different level altogether. Superman is the character that laid down the foundation of the superhero genre. And is also responsible for making the genre popular among the masses as well.

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Superman is the most powerful superhero ever. And is not even eligible for these versus competitions because of his massive strength. So in this article we will compare both the opponents in the Superman vs Goku competition and analyze their powers. And declare a clear winner based on it.

Superman vs Goku: Superman

This section will feature everything about Superman.

Origin Story

Superman is not a human and arrived on planet Earth from Krypton. He is the son of the most intelligent person of Krypton named Jor-El. And is an only child whom Jor-El sent to earth in order to protect him. He did so because he knew that Krypton was doomed for destruction after Kryptonians extracted the core of their planet as an energy source. Jor-El sends his son after calculating the approximate time left in the destruction of Krypton and his son narrowly escapes the explosion.

Superman’s ship crashes in a field in rural Kansas where Jonathan and Martha Kent find baby Kal-El inside the ship. They adopt the baby and name him Clark Kent. They raise Clark with high moral values. And their upbringing has played a huge role in Superman never using his powers for his own personal gain.

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Powers and Abilities

Superman is one of the most powerful characters of the entire comic book history. And in his long publication history, his story has been rebooted twice. Before the reboots, Superman was so powerful that he could literally pull entire galaxies alone. His heat vision is also powerful enough to vaporize entire planets. And can be even used on microscopic levels as well. The temperature of Superman’s heat vision can even reach temperatures higher than the temperature of the sun.

But after the reboots, the powers of Superman were reduced not in their intensity by changing Clark’s overall outlook on his personality. In his rebooted storylines, Superman discovers that he is not from Earth and is an Alien. He refuses to accept this fact and places a mental barrier on his abilities. Superman spent the rest of his life trying to remove this barrier and unlock his true self.

In spite of this barrier Superman still is the most powerful character of the entire DC Universe. His super-hearing was so powerful that he could respond to an isolated distress call from Earth even when he was light-years away in another galaxy. And was able to reach Earth in a matter of minutes. This shows his speed. He has even withstood an attack equivalent to fifteen supernovas and was still able to fight the villains and defeat them successfully.

To summarize Superman’s powers, we can say that his powers are limitless and therefore he can not be compared to any other character because they all have limits.

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Superman vs Goku: Goku

This section features the origin and the powers of Goku. He is the lead character of the Dragon Ball series.


Goku was also introduced as an alien sent on Earth from another planet. But his mission was to destroy the people of Earth and prepare the planet for sale on the Black Market. But Goku after suffering from a head injury forgot about the mission.

He then grew up on Earth learning to become the best martial artist in the world. Goku is a very nice person who is high-spirited. Goku does anything to achieve the impossible. Whenever he faces a guy that is more powerful than him, Goku trains even harder to beat him without losing any heart.

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Abilities and Powers

We all know about the four levels of Super-Saiyan form that Goku unlocked step-by-step through extremely hard training. But in 2012 he received a new ability of Super Saiyan God which on combining with his already Super-Saiyan ability unlocked the “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan“.

Every Super Saiyan level had insane strength. But however, as the level increases, Goku becomes more and more violent while losing self-control. A thing that Superman does not exhibit. Even in his most powerful form Superman is still in control of himself and is consciously controlling his show of power. And Goku’s Kamehameha attack is nothing more than a gentle breeze for Superman.

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But even his most powerful form “Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan” has limitations and can effect his body negatively. There is no doubt about the will and capabilities of Goku but the summary of all his abilities is that all of these abilities as well as power modes have a limit.

Goku vs Superman: Conclusion

As we have stated earlier that both the characters are extremely powerful. And a comparison between them is based on pure speculation as both of them exist in very different worlds. But still in light of the above-stated abilities of both these heroes we can clearly declare Superman as the winner.

This result is because of the simple fact that Superman is a person who almost always controls his powers. And never ever improves them because of how insanely powerful all of his abilities are. He has spent his complete life inhibiting his powers and not even using them at their full potential even against his most dangerous foes.

While Goku no doubt is an example of hard work and will, he is a man who is trying to improve his powers with each passing day. He has achieved great things in his life but all of his abilities have a limit. And there is even a limit to how much strain his body can take.

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Superman can take on a supernova and has held a black hole in his hand, resisting its strong gravitational pull, he can breathe in space while Goku can not do any of these. Goku can be extremely powerful but he can never survive an explosion equal to a supernova. While Superman still stood strong after facing an explosion equivalent to fifty supernovas. Superman can defeat Goku in a matter of seconds by lobotomizing his brain using his heat vision on a microscopic level without even giving Goku the time to react.

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