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Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Black Adam


This article is all about the amazing short animated superhero video. The movie is titled Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Black Adam. And as the name suggests we get to see the ultimate face-off between the most powerful characters of the DC Universe. Both Shazam! and Superman take on Black Adam. We will describe a complete summary of this short film in this article.

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Black Adam is able to gain the upper hand against Superman because of the Man of Steel’s invulnerability against magic. We get to see some amazing action sequences which can not even be described in words. And to witness these sequences in all their glory, you will have to watch this short film yourself.


This section will cover the summary of this amazing film in complete detail.

Beginning of Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Black Adam

The film opens up with a meteor crashing into a hilly area at night time. The meteor is revealed to be Shazam’s old champion turned villain named Black Adam. Shazam! is actually an ancient Egyptian wizard who had been fighting the evil forces for centuries.

But as he grew older he thought of finding a champion to fight the evil forces in his place. But his champion is corrupted by the power of the wizard and uses his power for his own personal gain. For this reason, the wizard banishes his champion now called Black Adam to the far edges of the cosmos. And struggles for several millennia to return to his home planet.

The film now shifts towards a young boy called Billy Batson and is revealed to be an orphan. He is living in the slums of Fawcett city after his foster parents throw him out. He goes to a diner to meet Clark Kent. Clark is writing an article about the plight of Billy and other orphans at Daily Planet. During this interview, Black Adam attacks Billy stating that he will kill the boy before the wizard can bestow his power upon him.

Meeting The Wizard

Clark changes into the Superman attire and stops Black Adam from attacking the boy. Billy manages to get into the subway where Adam traps him and allows a train to run over him. But to Billy’s surprise, he is alive and wakes inside an empty carriage.

The carriage takes him to a large cave where the ancient Wizard Shazam! is waiting for Billy. He bestows his powers on Billy saying that there isn’t any time left. And reveals that Black Adam was his champion 5000 years ago. But he was corrupted and therefore banished to the far edges of the universe. And is therefore seeking revenge against him and his new champion Billy.

Shazam! also tells Billy to say his name if he ever needs help. After this, the cave begins to collapse with Billy escaping from the cave. Meanwhile, Superman is fighting Black Adam, with Black Adam getting the upper hand because of Superman’s weakness against magic.

Billy arrives at the scene and confronts Black Adam and says the wizard’s name Shazam!. This changes him into an adult with the body of a god. He has super-strength and several other superpowers as well.

Both Superman and Shazam! take on Black Adam with the latter realizing that he can not take on the two of them. Because of this, he destroys a nearby dam to create chaos and to divert the Superheroes. Superman is able to divert the flood away from the city by using Cold Breath and freezing the floodwater. But Black Adam takes a person hostage and blackmails Billy into reverting back to his original form.

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After Billy changes back into his mortal form, Black Adam throws the hostage in the sky and prevents Billy from saying Shazam! again. Superman saves the hostage and attacks Black Adam, which allows Billy to transform once again.

After changing his form, he quickly defeats Black Adam and is about to kill him. But Superman convinces him to be better than a murderer stopping Shazam!. But Black Adam states that only death will stop him.

Right at this moment a homeless man appears and reveals himself to be Tawky Tawny. He threatens to get Black Adam banished even farther than before, by the Wizard. Unwilling to get banished again Black Adam shouts Shazam! in anger. But this chant reverts him back to his original form with his mortal body not being able to withstand the ravages of 5000 years and tuning to dust.

Tawny later confirms that it was indeed a bluff as the Wizard had died when the cave collapsed leaving Superman and Shazam with Superman stating “You have some unusual friends” to Shazam.

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Conclusion of Superman/Shazam

Although Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Black Adam is a short film but it is still packed with a lot of adrenaline-filled action sequences. The film is equally emotional in capturing the orphan element of Billy. If you liked our summary on Superman/Shazam!: Return of the Black Adam then you should definitely visit our website for other articles as well.