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SmokeCloak: Your Own Personal Smokescreen

SmokeCloak unit

SmokeCloak is a security device that can be installed at your home, office, or “warehouse” (secret lair) that provides a safe way to defend your indoor spaces.

It works by projecting a super dense vapor from a battery powered wall mounted unit.  Within 5-10 seconds the vapor expands into the space its defending acting as a smokescreen and making it next to impossible for would-be thieves to find your valuables.  Or you.  The vapor itself is harmless and dissipates within an hour depending on your ventilation.  A smokescreen is useless if it ruins the things it’s trying to protect, but SmokeCloak is designed not to leave  residue, or harm electronics.

The demonstration looks quite intimidating, especially when paired with strobe lights and an alarm:

The system can be deployed between 6 and 19 times depending on your setup, and the fluid cartridges can be replaced (if those robbers just won’t give up).  Depending on the size of the space you’re defending there are three options available.

  • V5 – for small rooms, offices and shops
  • v10 – medium offices and storage locations
  • v20 – large offices and warehouses

While proven to be an effective deterrent, SmokeCloak doesn’t come cheap.  Prices start at around $2000.