Batman Factor

The site that sells superpowers:

Are you in desperate need of superpowers, any powers, but have mixed feelings about high-level radiation?  Maybe you already have a crack team of scientists working around the clock to make you super strong, stretchy and/or sticky but they just aren’t ready for human trials yet, dammit.

Well, in the meantime there’s, where for as little as $10 you can dazzle the world with your burgeoning abilities.

Created by magicians Kyle Marlett and Adam Elbaum, offers an array of gadgets and devices that are part Hollywood special effect, part magic trick.  The items are categorized by superpower and offer the “abilities” of comic-book staples like levitation and telepathy, to more exotic powers like pyrokinesis and self-healing.

Perfect for cosplayers looking to take their costumes to the next level, everything offered on the site is meant to be performed by laypeople with no experience in special effects or performance magic.  One of the signature powers available is “Magma“, which allows the user to make an empty fist glow and emit an eerie red light.  Double that up with “Vapr” and you’ll have a smoking fireball sizzling through your fingers.

For those looking to try before they buy is currently offering 5 free powers to all email subscribers, sent in the form of video instructions and can be accomplished with items around the home

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