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Rolex Batman Edition: The Best Watch for A Batman Fan

Rolex Batman

The popularity of Batman is not limited to the world of comic fans only. And is one of the most popular characters to ever exist. As a result, this popularity has caused Rolex to name a watch after Batman. The watch is called Rolex Batman Edition.

A Brief History Of Rolex Batman

In order to better understand the origins of the Rolex Batman edition, we will first need to look at the development of Rolex as a watchmaker.


Rolex is one of the most iconic watchmakers in the world. Because not only is Rolex associated with luxury but has also redefined elegance and reliability. Rolex is so iconic that three of its watches are included in the 10 most expensive watches ever to have been auctioned.

Rolex is most famous for its water-proof and dust-proof watches. These water-resistant watches were first manufactured under the Oyster Perpetual title in the year 1926. And since then Rolex oyster has become iconic because of beautiful yet durable and accurate watches.

And guess what? The Rolex Batman edition also belongs to the Rolex Oyster series displaying all these unique traits. Rolex Oyster is a generic name given to watches that are direct descendants of the original watertight Rolex made in 1926.

Original Name of The Rolex Batman

The Rolex Batman is originally called The Oyster Perpetual GMT-Master II. It is called GMT because it was originally made to show separate times for two continents. It was specially built for pilots in collaboration with Pan Am.

The watches were originally manufactured under GMT-Master. An upgraded version called the GMT-Master II was launched in 1982. It received various changes over the years but the most significant is that Rolex introduced single tone ceramic bezels to the GMT-Master II series in 2007.

The Rolex Batman Edition

And then in 2013, the first two-tone ceramic bezel was introduced by the Rolex. The integrated this bezel in GMT- Master II. The two colors were black and blue. And were reminiscent of Batman of the Golden and Silver Age.

To make the watch even more bankable and appeal to the market of Batman fans Rolex nicknamed the watch as Rolex Batman Edition or simply “Batman”. The popularity of this edition indicated that the wager to call this watch Batman paid off for the company.

Components of Rolex Batman Edition

1.Black Dial

This dial is reminiscent of the color most preferred by The Dark Knight. The bezel also has several shapes for each hour markings. These holes are filled with a luminescent material that emits a long-lasting glow.


This is a specific type of steel alloy prepared by the company itself. It offers a unique and smooth finish of the watch. It is suitable for a real-life Bruce Wayne because of the seamless build this watch offers.

3. The Jubilee Bracelet

This watch is fitted with a five-link Jubilee Bracelet. And is very comfortable to wear. The bracelet is also equipped with a safety clasp. It ensures that the bracelet will remain closed firmly. And prevent accidental opening of the chain.


The Edition has become even more popular after it was discontinued in 2019. Because of this step, the watch has now achieved a collectible status due to the limited no of watches in circulation now.

So do buy one when this watch is still affordable. We have got different vendors that can offer you the best market price for this watch.

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Why The Rolex Batman Edition Matters?

Bruce Wayne is wealthy and he has to look the part to keep up appearances. He needs to be noticed so that it does not become obvious that he is Batman. Wearing expensive watches helps him to be noticed. If Bruce Wayne were no be missing in action all of the time, people would get suspicious of his behavior.

If you want to increase your Batman Factor, you too need to get on your Rolex Batman and step your wrist wear up.


This watch is one of the best watches for a Batman fan. And we recommend that you buy this because while it represents the colors of Batman, it also has the quality that Bruce Wayne would wear.

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