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Pyro-Mini: Wrist-Mounted Flamethrower

Pyro-Mini Flamethrower

Small enough to be hidden behind a credit card, the Pyro-Mini allows you to shoot bursts of flame from your wrists.

The latest Pyro model from Magician supplier Ellusionist, the Pyro-Mini has a host of upgrades from the original.   You have a choice between using the built in button, or the remote trigger which can fire the device all the way from the next room, or while hidden in your other hand.

It works by using reloadable ‘Flash Packs’ that contain a specially-treated tissue paper that burns extremely quickly and is gone almost instantly.  Magicians have been using flash paper for decades, but Ellusionist was the first to bundle it into such a tiny high-tech package.  The Pyro-Mini can fire up to 2 flame bursts at once and a flash pack is good for about 120 uses.  Refills cost about $17.  Best of all, the entire device can be recharged via USB.

Buy it now $149

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