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Pyro-Mini: Wrist Flamethrower And Why You Need One

Pyro-Mini Flamethrower

Small enough to be hidden behind a credit card, the Pyro-Mini allows you to shoot bursts of flame from your wrists.

The latest Pyro model from Magician supplier Ellusionist, the Pyro-Mini, has a host of upgrades from the original.   You have a choice between using the built-in button or the remote trigger, which can fire the device all the way from the next room, or while hidden in your other hand.

It works by using reloadable ‘Flash Packs’ that contain a specially-treated tissue paper that burns extremely quickly and is gone almost instantly.  Magicians have been using flash paper for decades, but Ellusionist was the first to bundle it into such a tiny high-tech package.  

The Pyro-Mini can fire up to 2 flame bursts at once, and a flash pack is good for about 120 uses.  Refills cost about $17.  Best of all, the entire device can be recharged via USB.

Buy it now $149

Why You Need a Wrist Flamethrower

The wrist flamethrower is just the type of gadget you need to increase your Batman Factor. Batman is a master of deception and using the darkness against his opponents. Using fire fits right in there because most people are fearful of fire. Someone who can bring fire out of nowhere seems like they are some crazy sorcerer.

Anyone trying to step their Batman Factor up will find no that distraction, and making their opponent fear them is priceless. You can’t be scared of others more than they are scared of you or have lost your greatest advantage. That is what makes the Joker so great of a nemesis, and he does not feat the dark knight.

Here are some reasons you need the wrist flame thrower:

  1. Fire Takes On a Life Of Its Own

If you’re in a tight spot with a lot of bad guys, you can light them up when you need to. This is not a tactic you want to use often, but it can still strike the fear of God into anyone who faces you.

The scary thing about fire is that it lives after its used. The fire itself is life and it can grow. Avatar The Last Air Bender did an amazing job talking about this power. When Aang is first trying to learn fire bending, his teacher tells him that fire is destruction and it can take on a life of its own.

2. Flashlight

You can use your flame thrower to get out of a dark situation. When you are first increasing your Bat Factor, you may not be able to operate in the dark as well as Batman could. Even Bane showed Batman that he was the batter in the dark in the Dark Knight rises.

What sounds more like Batman? A dude walking around with a security guard flashlight or that same guy using his wrist flamethrower to light the way like his name is Charmander?

3. A Lighter Would Not Make Sense

If batman were to need to put something on fire and he pulled out a lighter like a dude at work taking a smoke break, it would wow no one. But since we are talking about increasing our Batman Factor here, you need to have the best gadgets.

The wrist flamethrower would wow anyone who is around. No matter the reason to pull it out, people would wonder where the fire came from, just like people always have to wonder how Batman disappears in the middle of conversations.

4. You Never Know

Better safe than sorry. I don’t know what you do with your life, but the fact that you’re here tells us that you need a wrist flamethrower for something. It’s one of those devices that you would rather have and never use, than the other way around.

Final Thought On The Wrist Flamethrower

We say that you should not leave home without it. You never know when you may need to burn evidence quickly without anyone realizing that it was even you. If you’re going to give someone else a light, you may as well wow them as you’re doing it, right?

The best part of all of this is that you don’t need to do anything other than using the device for deception if that is what you want to do. You don’t need to hurt anyone or burn anything. The point is to make people think you can at a moment’s notice.