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Nightmare Batman: Infinite Crisis & Batman vs Superman

Nightmare Batman

Remember when we had the long talk about vampire Batman? Spooky uh? Bet you were excited to see the end of that. We ended that story with Batman becoming pure dust when he committed suicide by the sun. That should have rightly been the end of that character. But it’s not. We see him pop up again as Nightmare Batman in the video game Infinite Crisis. 

Loosely based on the comic of the same name, Infinite Crisis is an online game set within the worlds of DC and its characters. It was released in 2015, and its format is MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena).

Infinite Crisis involved two squads made up of DC characters (heroes and villains alike) competing in combats. The battles were set in battlefields designed to be destructive for immersive gameplay and featured events that changed the game’s course as it was played. 

One of the most iconic characters in the entire gameplay was Nightmare Batman, the vampire Batman. Here are a few details on his in-game character. 

*As of August 2015, Infinite Crisis’s servers were shutdown, rendering the game obsolete

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Nightmare Batman: Background

When Gotham City is plagued with a series of murders involving the homeless having their throats slit, Batman seeks to investigate who is behind. These crimes. His search leads him to the original vampire himself, Count Dracula, and his horde of minions feeding off the homeless in Gotham. Batman tries to thwart the count, but several encounters show him that the millennia-old vampire is too strong for him. 

While hunting the Count, he acquires vampirism in the process and is finally able to rid his city of vampires; but at a great cost. He loses everything and everyone he knows, including his humanity. While stopping the Joker, he feeds off the clown, killing him and losing the one part of himself that was true. And thus Nightmare Batman was born. 


Nightmare Batman is an efficient killing machine. He possesses unnatural strength and speed and is the real definition of wild and unpredictable. 

Nightmare Batman can isolate his enemies in-game, using stealth and multi-target slows. He can also lock down opponents, making them vulnerable to his unavoidable ultimate move. He also possesses several other moves. Also, he is a part of the game’s subgroup called the Bruisers. 

Nightmare Batman – Batman vs. Superman

Batman vs. Superman starring Ben Affleck has a scene that features a different sort of Nightmare Batman. The scene shows Batman in a sandstorm. Batman is all about blending in with the darkness, but since he is in a storm in daylight, it calls for a costume upgrade. He added goggles to shield his eyes from the sand and was a brown trench coat to blend in with the sand better.

The scene is something Batman fans are not used to seeing. Batman’s entire idea is built around not using guns because his parents died at the hands of guns. He could not say he is any better than them if he too dropped to that level. But in this movie, it’s clear that the director had a different idea for Batman. The scene shows Batman slaughtering tonnes of different men with guns.

It became very controversial. The comic geeks want Batman movies to stick to the script. But many people who have grown bored of Batman but who love action appreciated an attempt to add a darker side to Batman.

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Nightmare Batman: Abilities and Moves In The Game

Eternal Hunger: with this ability, Nightmare Batman can gain new health when the player performs a basic attack. Basic Attacking the same opponent increases the health up to a stack of 3 times. However, the health stack disappears if they hit 4s if there is no more attack or if the player attacks another target entirely.

Silver Batarang: Nightmare Batman can throw a Batarang that will return to him. The Batarang causes Attack Damage to the first opponent it hits. Every subsequent hit deals 25 percent less damage till the attack damage itself is 25%. 

Here are the damage stats for Silver Batarang

Damage: 50 / 75 / 100 / 125 + 50% Bonus Attack Damage

Silver Batarang costs 50 / 45 / 40 / 35 Energy

Bat Swarm: with Bat Swarm, Nightmare Batman enters Stealth mode for about a second, and either the basic attack or Feral Embrace move made within the next 4 seconds will engulf the opponent in a swarm of bats. The Bat Swarm delivers Attack Damage for over 3 seconds to all enemies in the area.

Bat Swarm Damage Over Time: 60 / 120 / 180 / 240 + 90% Bonus Attack Damage

Feral Embrace: with this move, Nightmare Batman blinks towards an enemy and channels them for 2 seconds. The opponent is held down and receives attack damage for over 2 seconds.

Damage: 150 / 225 / 300 / 375 + 120% Bonus Attack Damage

Using Feral Embrace comes at no cost. 

Savagery: with savagery, every time Nightmare Batman hits an enemy using a basic attack, he gains new energy; 8 energy points to be precise. He also gains more Attack Damage and 15 percent health, accounting for one percent per 100 bonus health acquired. Every time he hits a target with a Basic Attack, he gains 8 Energy, and the duration of the attack is increased up to an additional 5 seconds.

Attack Damage: 10 / 20 / 30 / 40

Cooldown: 22 / 20 / 18 / 16

Cost: 30 Energy


Nightmare Batman has the look of an anthropomorphic bat, with fangs covering the bulk of his mouth and ears sticking out of his head. He also has red wings and claws, and his skin is mostly black and grey. 


Nightmare Batman has a few character quotes applicable in different situations. You can hear him say the following during different occasions: 

During Selection

Hahaha…Prepare my feast!”

When Moving

I will go.”

“I am unleashed.”

“In the darkness.”

“Death and hungry darkness.”

When Taunting Other Characters

“Perhaps you will make a sweeter meal.”

Special Joke

“A pillar of light shines on Nightmare Batman, causing him to sparkle while he tries to dust the sparkles off.”

Special Gameplay Quotes

During regular gameplay or special events, Nightmare Batman has a few words in his dialogue. 

When he is near a friendly player using a Batman character, he says;

“You remind me of what I had, what I was. Avoid my fate at all costs, Batman.”

“True aid would be to end my suffering, Batman.”

When he is near a friendly player using a Catwoman character, he says;

“You remind me of another, my night’s sole companion. But…she is gone.”

When he defeats an enemy player using a Joker character, he says;

“I never tire of killing you, Joker!”

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