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Keep Track of Everything (and everyone) with StickNFind

We’ve seen it a million times in movies.  It looks like the bad guy has gotten away, never to be seen again, but then our hero smiles smugly and points out the tracker he has discretely hidden under the villain’s lapel, showing his current location down to the inch.  Now such things are possible in real life with the quarter sized, Bluetooth powered StickNFind.


Small enough to be confused for a stray button, StickNFind is an electronic sticker that you can adhere to any object you’d rather not risk losing, such as your keys, wallet, cellphone, toddler etc.  The sticker sends out a low power Bluetooth signal that is picked up by the accompanying app that pinpoints the tracked object down to within a few feet of its location.  The little puck can also light up and ring to make searching for it easier, and in the event it’s attached to someone’s person, let them know they are needed.

Ideal for pets, you can also create digital “leashes” within the app that let you set up an acceptable distance away from you the tracker’s allowed to go.  If anything you’ve attached to the tracker to goes beyond that boundary, you’ll be alerted instantly.

The StickNFind sticker is 0.16 Inches thick and weighs a measly 0.15 ounces, with a line of sight range of 100ft and a battery life of around 1 year.


If you’d like something a little more heavy duty than StickNFind, the company also produces BluTracker.

StickNFind BluTracker

Using both Bluetooth and GPS, BluTracker is has all the usefulness of StickNfind, with a range of half a mile, or 2500ft outdoors.  The GPS does bulk the unit up however, and brings the battery life down to 2 weeks before needing a recharge.  Both the StickNFind and BluTracker apps are capable of tracking up to 20 different locaters, so  you can keep tabs on multiple objects simultaneously.

A two pack of StickNFind will run you $50 and is available in six different colors. One BluTracker costs $90.