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Justice League vs Avengers: The True Champions

Justice League vs Avengers

Justice League vs Avengers is certainly a dream match for fans all across the globe. But let’s be clear on one thing. I am a fan of both universes, and the article will feature the discussion on the topic in light of all the available material, especially the comics.

This comparison will not only be based on the movies of the MCU and DCEU. Although Marvel might have better live-action movies, it is the DC that wins when it comes to originality.

It is a known fact that Marvel has taken inspiration, for the bulk of its characters, from DC. And likewise, DC has also developed some of its characters based on their Marvel counterparts.

But DC has the better characters by any standards. They have better comic book stories and better-animated movies compared to ones from Marvel. Avengers itself is based on the Justice League team-up.

Marvel’s approach has been to develop its characters based on previously successful character guidelines. Simultaneously, DC experimented with its characters and brought originality to them during the characters’ development. This had been the common practice till the ’90s.

And due to this reason, Justice League vs. Avengers will most likely see Justice League on top. Instead of pitting heroes against each other, the article will focus on some points and discuss which team possesses the discussed point’s better qualities.

Based on these points the winner will be chosen from the Justice League vs Avengers faceoff.

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Strategic Superiority

This one surely goes to DC. The most brilliant mind of the Avengers is Tony Stark or Iron Man, and that of Justice League is Batman. And Batman has a contingency plan for everybody.

So, in any case, featuring “Justice League vs. Avengers,” Batman not only has a plan for Iron Man but also for the rest of the Avengers. Batman has the better armors and also built one to fight Superman. So one can imagine what he may come up with in case of a fight against Avengers.

Most Powerful Superhero

It is not even a close contest between the two teams when it comes to the most powerful superhero. Everybody knows that Superman is the epitome of power when comparing both teams.

He possesses brute strength to lift planets. His laser beams alone can take out any competition he’s up against. His icy breath can freeze any foe who tries to come even close to the Man of Steel.

Before the reboot of the character, Superman even possessed the ability to alter time. Superman was so powerful that he could induce earthquakes with only the clap of his hands.

So, this point obviously goes to Justice League in any case of Justice League vs. Avengers because Superman is one of those characters that can change the fight single-handedly.

Implict Superpowers

Sadly, this point will also have to go in favor of the Justice League. It is because Justice League simply has more heroes that have built-in superpowers as compared to Avengers.

The only superhero with innate abilities in the Avengers lineup is Thor. And the only person not to have superpowers in the League is Batman. And we all know what he’s capable of. He can even take down Thor with his contingency plan.

Take Flash for example. There is nobody in the Avengers that can match his speed or strength in the case of Justice League vs Avengers.

Simply put, Avengers can not match the innate superpowers of the Justice League members.


Avengers are a large group but Justice League has the better assortment of heroes if they ever need reinforcements.

Justice League has aliens, Green lanterns, Shazam, and even supporting characters from the future. If the need ever comes to bring in the reinforcements, Justice League will have a clear advantage over the Avengers.

Unity With Enemies

This one is a close call because both the teams have united with their enemies to work together and counter a larger threat. Avengers have teamed up with Dr. Doom.

And Justice League has paired up with the likes of Luthor several times to take on a threat that is bigger than their enmity. So you can consider this point a draw.

Prior Victory

In a prior JLA/Avengers crossover, Superman won by besting Thor with all other fights stalemated. So, it is a fact that Justice League had won a contest in an official capacity.

This makes the Justice League favorites for any future contest.

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Justice League vs Avengers Conclusion

To recap the results, all points only with the exception of one, are in favor of the Justice League. The one point where Justice League did not come out as the winner, was still drawn between both the teams.

So In any case where Justice League and Avengers face-off, the Justice League will surely come out as the winner of that contest.

The modern days have established Avengers as a good team courtesy of the MCU. The MCU was developed in phases in well over 10 years. Due to this reason, their character developments are pretty well established and movies well crafted.

Whereas DC movies were rushed due to the studio’s interference. One example is the theatrical cut in comparison to the Ultimate edition of Batman v Superman. The Ultimate Edition is probably one of the best movies of all time, with an amazing cinematic fight sequence of Batman and Superman.

Superman’s sacrifice to protect humanity from Doomsday. It was an amazing story that was mired in criticism only due to the forced cuts made to shorten the theatrical cut duration.

But this article has derived the comparisons based on the comics and animated movies along with the live-action adaptations. The facts are all compared without any bias.

Friendly banter and rivalries apart. We are fortunate to witness such huge developments in the Superhero genre. We are getting to see movies on a scale that no one imagined 2 decades ago.

From my perspective, we should enjoy the best of both worlds and appreciate everything both the studios have to offer. We are also fortunate enough to witness the release of the Snyder cut. Do not forget to sign up on HBO Max and support this movie to release the complete Snyderverse on HBO Max.