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Joker Gun: Top 5 Gun Scenes With The Joker

Joker Gun

Joker has one of the best weapon arsenals in the world of comics. He has expertise in making explosives but is not limited to these only. He uses every weapon that can seriously damage and helps him in accomplishing his goal. The Joker has used everything ranging from a crowbar to a gun and from small explosives to his very own Joker toxin.

In this article, we will look at the top gun moments of The Joker. And what impact did these weapons made on the progression of the story? But the biggest weapon that the Joker wields is his intellect. Do not let his appearance fool you, the Joker is an extremely intelligent person. He has a vicious ability to manipulate, scheme, and drive you to the point of insanity.

He has the ability to create chaos in just a few simple words. While all the other tools that the Joker has at his disposal are impressive but his greatest gift and his deadliest weapon is by far his own severely demented mind.

Use of A Gun By The Joker

There have been many instances where we have seen the Joker use a gun both in comics and other adaptations. But we have selected some of the most iconic uses of guns by the clown prince of crime for this article.

1. Batman: The Animated Series

This was the first animated series that convincingly presented Joker and Batman to the masses. It was this series that capitalized on the rivalry between The Joker and Batman and introduced them as each other’s arch-nemesis on our TV screens.

This series is among the most critically acclaimed Batman series to date. And is responsible for introducing multiple villains and exploring their origin stories in detail as well. As a result, the portrayal of these characters has served as the benchmark for future depictions of such characters.

Harley Quinn is also one of those characters that were introduced in this series. Due to a very positive reception of this character, she was introduced in the comics as well.

This contribution of this series is not only limited to the introduction of several Batman characters. But is also responsible for introducing their trademark weapons as well. We see Batman use several of his new gadgets. These gadgets have become an integral part of the arsenal that Batman uses.

We also see Harley Quinn use her hammer in this series. But the most important inclusion in this series was the regular use of the Thomson 1921 gun by the Joker. The role of Joker was voiced by Mark Hammil. And is one of the most well-received depictions of the Joker that is also credited with inspiring the future iterations of the character.

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2. Batman (1989) Film

This movie introduced Jack Nicholson’s Joker. The Joker is a gangster named Jack. He turns into the Joker after encountering Batman. During this encounter, Jack falls into a vat full of chemicals that bleach his skin and turn his hair green.

He tries to get his disfigurement fixed by getting surgery. But the procedure leaves him with a grin on his face. And failing to accept the new appearance he goes mad and takes on the persona of The Joker.

He uses a specialized chemical called “smylex” in the movie to poison the people. Exposure to this chemical caused the people to die laughing with a Joker-like grin. Smylex is a form of Joker toxin.

The Joker uses a Long-barreled revolver in this movie. This bizarre weapon is powerful enough to take down the Batwing with one shot. The Joker also uses this gun to shoot down his former boss in the movie as well.

3. The Dark Knight

This movie re-defined the Joker. The role of the Joker is played by Heath Ledger in this movie. And his performance won him an Oscar. This movie introduced The Joker in this modern world. And as a result, the clown prince of crime uses several guns in the movie.

He is seen using a Glock 17, and Smith and Wesson Model 19 and 64. The Joker in The Dark Knight was an anarchist and also used several automatic rifles in the movie.

His main motive was to challenge Batman‘s dominancy over the crime lords. And he is nearly successful in his campaign to destroy Gotham using his methods to spread chaos and anarchy.

4. Batman: The Killing Joker

The Killing Joke is considered the magnum opus of Alan Moore. This story explores the origin story of the Joker in a new light. In this movie, Joker emphasizes that all it takes for a good man to turn into a villain is one bad day.

We see in flashbacks that the Joker is also the creation of such a bad day that turned him into a villain. We also see him embrace the darkness after that bad day. To prove his point he kidnaps Gordon in this story and subjects him to a series of horrific events. The purpose of this kidnapping is to prove to the world that someone as good as Gordon can also become mad.

In doing so the Joker also shoots his daughter Barbara using a Colt Single Action Army gun crippling her. We see Joker use a gun to actually kill someone in both this story and its movie adaptation.

5. Joker (2019)

This movie is also an alternate take on the origins of the titular character. This story explores the role of society in the creation of the Joker. And presents the character as the creation of the society itself.

The role of the Joker is played by Joaquin Phoenix in the movie and he went on to win an Academy Award for his brilliant acting. He uses a Pre-Model 36 version of the Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special gun throughout the movie and also shoots Murray Franklin at the end of the movie using this gun.


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