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Jensen Ackles Batman: Under The Red Hood

Jensen Ackles Batman: Under The Red Hood

Jensen Ackles is quite a popular name. The Jensen Ackles Batman is known worldwide for creating one of the best Batman movies ever. Even if it doesn’t ring a bell when you hear it, the face of the actor is something that strikes the chords in the hearts of many. That’s because Jensen played the lead role of Dean in one of the greatest shows ever; Supernatural.

Supernatural is Jensen Ackles most notable feature, but there was a time the actor played one of the most important characters in the Batman mythos. In the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood, Jensen voiced murdered Robin, aka Jason Todd, aka Red Hood. In this article, we discuss this entry and why a Jensen Ackles Batman would have made so much sense. 

Jensen Ackles Batman: Biography

Jensen’s full name is Jensen Ross Ackles. He was born on March 1, 1978. He is an actor by profession, and he is also a singer, a director, and a producer. As we mentioned earlier, he appeared on the CW horror-fantasy series; Supernatural as the lead character Dean Winchester.

He has also appeared as Eric Brady in Days of Our Lives which earned him many Daytime Emmy Award nominations, as Alec/X5-494 in Dark Angel and Jason Teague in Smallville. He also starred as the lead in the box office success My Bloody Valentine 3D. More importantly, to us, he provided the voice talents of Jason Todd in the animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood.

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Jensen Ackles Batman: Under The Red Hood

Jensen’s time as Red Hood is nothing different from what we’re already used to in regular canon. As a child, Jason Todd was raised by his parents until his father was arrested for the crime and put in jail. While he was released a few years later, he never made his way back home.

Jason’s mother was a doctor, but she had to leave Gotham because she had botched an abortion. This left Jason at the hands of his stepmother Catherine, but she was a drug addict and cared nothing for Jason. To survive, he stole car parts to make a living. 

Batman encounters Jason one night when he tries to steal the tires off the Batmobile. It was an impressive work, and Batman decided to help him so he wouldn’t continue living a life of crime. Upon training him, Batman made Jason the second Robin. 

Fighting Crime As Robin

Eventually, Robin came to be a useful addition to Batman’s crime-fighting, even helping Batman take down the Riddler. However, Batman noticed Jason tended to be extremely violent when fighting crime when they took down a drug/sex trafficking ring. Jason elbowed the ring’s leader so hard it shattered his collar bone.

His actions earn him a scolding from Batman, who spoke against him being so brutal. While on occasion, Jason admitted he went far in his campaign, he didn’t regret any of his actions because he felt the criminals deserved it. 

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Captured and Beaten By The Joker

Ra’s Al Ghul was looking for a way to take over Europe and shape it up in his own image but couldn’t find his way past Batman. To assist him in his plans, Ra’s Al Ghul hires the Joker to attack and cause a distraction. The clown prince of crime goes on to enable the plan, but Jason heads off on his own to confront Joker so that he can prove himself to Batman.

However, Joker eventually kidnaps Jason, taking him to a warehouse. At the warehouse, he tortures Jason, beating him to near death with a crowbar. Batman finds the warehouse, but it is already too late as Joker sets bombs and detonates them as Batman arrives to help him. The warehouse explodes, apparently killing Jason. 

Becoming the Red Hood

Ra’s Al Ghul was eventually ridden with guilt at the events that took place, realizing his mistake in hiring Joker. To compensate, he took Jason’s dead body to a Lazarus Pit and attempted to revive him. While it did work, it took over his mind and turned him mad. 

He returns to Gotham and single handedly takes over the criminal Underworld as the unknown masked vigilante Red Hood. This prompts the Black Mask to hire Joker to help him take down this new foe. When Joker gets involved, Jason captures him and beats him with a crow bar in the same manner the Joker handled in the beginning. 

He then gets into a fight with Batman, revealing his true identity, and asking Batman why he never avenged his death. Eventually, he realized that Batman has never killed because he doesn’t want to cross the line and become just like the criminals he’s always fighting.

Jason then attempts to force Batman to kill the Joker, let Jason kill the Joker, or shoot Jason. Batman refused, and Jason, trying to force Batman to act, then shoots at him while his back is turned. Batman throws a Batarang to disarm him. Jason makes another attempt to kill the Joker, but Batman stops him. 

Events see Jason disappear, and Bruce Wayne tells Clark Kent over a meal about Jason’s revival. Both superheroes decide to find Jason and bring him back to sanity. 

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Jensen Ackles Batman: Why He Should Play The Role

When you think about it, Jensen Ackles played the Red Hood very well. It was a stellar vocal performance, and you could tell that he really embodied the character well. You get the feeling he could become an excellent Batman. 

Interestingly, Jensen Ackles did dress up as Batman for Halloween 2019, and he looked spectacular. There were also shouts from Stephen Amell, aka The Green Arrow in CW’s Arrowverse, for Ackles to play the role. It could have been a possibility if there had been enough clamoring for it, but as the showrunners said, it’d be a long time before they would have Batman appear in the Arrowverse. 

Ackles definitely has the build of a young Batman, and when it comes to taking down baddies, he’s got enough experience as a monster hunter from his years in Supernatural. Since the show has reached its final season and Jensen isn’t attached to any new projects, maybe we could get a Jensen Ackles Batman showcase.