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Injustice 2 Bruce Wayne: Your Complete Guide

Injustice 2 Bruce Wayne

Injustice 2 follows right after the previous game Injustice: Gods Among Us. In addition to the main playable characters, several characters also become playable in the game. Therefore Bruce Wayne is introduced as an additional character in Injustice 2. He can become playable as a premier skin in the Legendary Edition of the game.

In this article, we will look at the plot of Injustice 2 as well as the role of Bruce Wayne in the game. This article will also feature the differences between Injustice 2 and its predecessor. Some of the differences were in gameplay with some additional options introduced.

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Plot Summary

After Batman is successful in defeating Superman’s Regime he starts to rebuild Metropolis and Gotham. In order to do so, he actively starts gathering the remaining heroes to defend the planet completely. Oliver Queen or Green Arrow and Black Canary and a reformed Harley are sent to Gorilla city to neutralize Gorilla Grodd. They learn that Gorilla Grodd has plans for world domination and has enlisted his own group of Supervillains called the Society.

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But as they reach Gorilla City they are kidnapped by Brainiac who wants to add Earth to his collection of Shrunken planets. After Superman’s capture, Earth lost its mightiest hero. And no one can ever fill his shoes. Meanwhile, it is revealed that in order to neutralize the threats to the planet. Bruce builds a technologically advanced satellite that has the ability to report every crime on the Planet and calls it “Brother Eye”.

Luscious Fox tells Bruce to release the information of “Brother Eye” to the public. But Bruce insists that his enemies can not attack something that they don’t know exists. And stresses that the existence of Brother’s eye should be kept a secret.

Later when Bruce uses the “Brother Eye” Satellite to see the status of their mission in Gorilla City. The system malfunctions and while Bruce is trying to troubleshoot the problem. Brainiac appears on the screen. Revealing that he has taken control of Bruce’s Brother’s eye. He further taunts Bruce that the technological innovations that helped Bruce in subduing Superman are now under his control. After this encounter, Bruce dresses up as Batman.

Truce Between Superman And Batman

Both Flash and Green Arrow are now reformed and show their intent on helping Bruce defeat Brainiac. But Wonderwoman with the help of Black Adam and Supergirl breaks Superman out of prison in hopes of restoring The Regime. They defeat Firestorm and Blue Beetle who respond to this jailbreaking before Batman arrives. Batman forms a reluctant alliance with Superman and other Regime members in order to defeat Brainiac.

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Cyborg, Catwoman, and Harley go to the Batcave to free Brother Eye from Brainiac’s control. They also defeat Society members sent to stop them. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Supergirl fight Society members in New Metropolis. But Wonder Woman nearly kills Cheetah but Harley stops her in time.

Wonder Woman wounds Harley when she intervenes in her fight with Cheetah. Supergirl stops her and ultimately confronts Superman at the Fortress of Solitude. After learning of his tyrannical rule on Earth and his killing of all criminals after the death of Lois.

As the game proceeds it is revealed that Brainiac has collected most of the big cities for his personal collection. And is now planning on destroying the Earth after accomplishing his mission.

Final Fight With Brainiac

Batman’s Insurgency and Superman’s Regime attack Brainiac’s Ship on learning his intent to destroy the planet. But they fail to get through the ship’s shields. It is also implied that Superman has been killed after interacting with the force field of Brainiac’s ship.

The group decides to weaken Brainiac’s shields. And in order to so They need to use Aquaman’s trident so that transfer the rock of eternity to the shield. Aquaman and Black Adam are sent to collect the Rock. But they are attacked by Grodd. He has brainwashed Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Blue Beetle and they attack the group with Grodd. But Adam and Aquaman defeat them, and Aquaman finishes Grodd for Good.

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With the help of Aquaman’s trident and Black Adam’s Rock of Eternity, the group is able to weaken the shields. Batman and Supergirl board Brainiac’s ship but are captured by Brainiac. Superman appears and rescues them.

Batman and Superman work together to defeat Brainiac after fighting other heroes who are under Brainiac’s control. Superman takes control of the ship and restores the stolen cities, but destroys New Metropolis and Coast City in the process.

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After capturing Brainiac the heroes are divided on whether to kill him or not. At this time the player is presented with two options. Either the player can choose Superman to restore the Regime and Earth’s cities or they can also choose Batman to restore the cities with Superman being trapped in the Phantom Zone.


The gameplay is nearly identical to its predecessor but a new loot system is introduced in this new entry of the franchise. You can use this system to upgrade your character by gaining experience and different sets of costumes that can alter the level of the charcter.

There are four stages of up gradation of each playable character and you can upgrade them to their maximum level by using this loot system. Additionally an option to buy upgrades using real world money to buy the in game currency. This in game currency is in turn used to buy upgrades in the game.

Role of Bruce Wayne In Injustice 2

Bruce Wayne is trying to restore Metropolis and Gotham City. But people are afraid to come back to these cities. Therefore Bruce Wayne spends a lot of time and resources to restore the confidence of the people.

To do so he also spends more time as Bruce Wayne making public appearances in these cities so that people get a feeling of comfort. He also develops Brother Eye for the protection of the people to fill the gaps in the Earth’s defenses that appeared after the fall of Superman’s Regime and several other Superheroes.

And for the first time in his entire history Bruce Wayne has also become the face of the people in Injustice 2 game. And it is not only his Batman persona that has helped people.

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