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How to Date as Batman’s Butler and Friend Alfred Pennyworth

Batman gets all the praise, but there’s a person in the shadow who helps him. Without Alfred Pennyworth, there would be no Batman. Loyal butler dedicated his life to Bruce. Although his life is surrounded by mystery, that British man can teach us many things. That’s visible from his relationship with Bruce. He always has the best advice and thinks a couple of steps ahead. After all, his nickname is Batman’s Batman. We’ll list interesting Alfred Pennyworth moments and facts that might inspire you. But first, we’ll focus on dating. Alfred is a catch, although it might not seem like that at first glance. Guys with his traits don’t have issues meeting ladies. His qualities work online too. You might want to update descriptions on senior dating sites after reading this. Alfred can even teach us a thing or two about chatting online too. Let’s see what makes that old cat so interesting. Is he secretly dating while helping Batman?

What Can Alfred Teach You about Dating?

There isn’t any evidence that Alfred Pennyworth has secret affairs after finishing his shifts. However, put yourself in his shoes; a man needs to relax after all the stress at work. You don’t have to imagine you’re Alfred in his first appearance. Imagine you’re him in 2020, right before Bane snaps his neck. You’d look for ladies online to date whenever you get free time. Maybe in the future, some DC character might meet a partner online. But let’s stay on track. Alfred has so much to teach us. Older guys reading this will probably start using his moves online for a senior dating to meet more local women their age. Don’t be surprised if you notice men are suddenly changing their profile photos, making them more mysterious. That’s the first dating tip we can get from Alfred.

Women can’t resist mysterious men. Uploading an elegant photo and writing a short description tickles female imagination on dating sites. It works on ladies of all ages. Humans love revealing mysteries. Still, there’s a thin line between mysterious and creepy. Don’t upload a photo with a serial killer aura. Ask friends what they think about the picture before posting it. They should give you honest opinions. That leads us to the next thing we can learn about dating from Alfred Pennyworth.

Be honest all the time; ladies will know how to appreciate that. Stick to honesty from the first time you chat online to the last time you see each other. Alfred is always honest with Bruce, even though Batman doesn’t always like it. In the long run, that’s better for everybody, so guys seeking serious relationships should stick to the truth.

Alfred Pennyworth can teach us one more thing about dating. It’s visible from his every action. Unconditional loyalty except when he gets turned into a supervillain. But who could blame him for that after he jumps under a boulder to save Batman and Robin? Be loyal and caring in the relationship and you’ll get the same treatment in return. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. Move on; senior women love guys who share traits of Alfred Pennyworth; you’ll be fine.

Alfred Pennyworth Little-Known Facts

Alfred Pennyworth is a DC character most famous for being Batman’s butler. There’s so much more about that British servant. Did you know he has a daughter? Yes, he met her mother while serving the British army. His dad served The Wayne Family before him, and Alfred taking his place was a logical step. It’s later revealed that Alfred’s dad, Jarvis, wanted to make his son leave Waynes. But he never managed to send the latter, leaving Alfred in the middle of the craziness in Gotham.

Most people know Alfred as a slim older gentleman with a mustache, and only hard-core fans know he was overweight and clean-shaven in his first appearance. That changed after 1943 and the Batman series, where Alfred took his well-known form. Since then, he appears like that in comics too.

Is Alfred Batman’s Biological Father?

Alfred Pennyworth isn’t Bruce Wayne’s biological father. Still, he’s the only father figure Bruce has after the death of his parents. They once made us think Thomas Wayne isn’t Batman’s real father. But it turned out the fatherhood Alfred mentioned isn’t based on blood, yet on time together and the relationship they built.

Does Alfred Pennyworth Have Any Skills?

Alfred wouldn’t be on the list of best Batman allies if he were just a butler. Military and intelligence history sharpened Alfred’s tools, so he helps with much more than making tea. Here are some of his skills:

  • acting
  • espionage
  • fighting
  • medicine
  • poetry

Alfred is a badass; it’s not surprising he can teach us so much about dating and life. He raised Batman; that’s already enough to prove his skills.