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Henry Adams Batman: Arkham Knight Villain

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The type of villain a hero has is definitely a shoutout to the hero that individual is. That’s philosophical speak for” your villains make you” or something like that. And we have seen it many times. Different heroes have different levels of villains, often a depiction of their level of strength. That is why when it comes to villains for the Dark Knight, Henry Adams batman is a very fitting one.

For example, you see this with the Joker character. He is the perfect match for Batman because he is not scared of him or of dying. As a matter of fact, he thinks it’s fun playing with Batman. He wants Batman to kill him because it would make him break his one big rule.

Batman is a hero with a lot of character. Because of all that character, he refuses to take the life of another human being. Also, because a gun killed his parents, he won’t ever step down to use a gun himself. But the only rule the Joker has is that there are no rules.

But that’s putting the cart before the horse. Who is Henry Adams Batman anyway?

Henry Adams Batman: Biography

Henry Adams was a respectable figure in Gotham. As the headmaster of the prestigious McCallum Academy, his name held high regard in the Gotham community.

This was the nature of things, of course, until he got contaminated with samples of the Joker’s blood in the 2015 videogame Arkham Knight. The interesting thing about Henry Adams Batman is that he got this infection from a blood transfusion he needed during a hip replacement.

Unlike the other infected Gothamites, Henry Adams was missed during the first round of testing: his blood transfusion was not in the hospital’s recorded procedures. As a result, he was not treated as well.

Henry Adams Batman: Infection

He soon began exhibiting traces of Joker’s personality, much like all other untreated people who were infected. The Joker blood affected people in different ways, and for Henry, he became scheming, manipulative, and egotistic, which was very foreign to his regular character.

Batman sought to contain him and had him quarantined in Panessa Studios. However, Henry’s infection was different from the rest. Unlike them, he did not undergo a physical transformation. This made him appear to be immune to the infection, and Batman considered he would be a perfect candidate to fashion the cure from. No one could tell he was only pretending.

The only one aware of his acts was Harley Quinn, whom he had approached to inform her about the other infected persons, and together they schemed to release them.

Henry Adams Batman: Arkham Knight Events

As Robin worked on a cure for the Joker infection, Henry Adams Batman secretly contacted Harley Quinn, informing her of his location. He also told her where the rest of the infected were. Harley began the break-in, and Henry orchestrated him being knocked out by Quinn to lure Batman in.

When he regained his consciousness, they worked to gather the other infected. However, whenever he came across one of them, Henry would murder them. Batman and Robin eventually capture Harley, and the last of the infected, soon realizing Henry’s plan all along.

The events culminated into Henry shooting the last infected, citing his plan to become the perfect Joker and preparing to attack Batman. Batman was all ready for this attack, and he takes Henry down.

During the fight, he realizes that the Dark Knight was also infected. Comparing himself to the physically stronger Batman and concluding that Batman was the Perfect Joker, Henry commits suicide. The game scene ends with his body being left at Panessa. 

Henry Adams Batman

Overall the video game is one of the best Batman games ever made. It’s particularly known for its fighting. The fighting in the game is so intuitive, and it’s so fitting to Batman’s style. Hard punches and blocks that are designed to knock out opponents. Typical to his style, though, there is never any killing. You have to keep building your fighting skills for your showdown with Henry Adams.

The fighting scenes future this slow-motion bursting, where Batman can fight multiple bad guys at one time, using crushing blows and quick jolts to bounce between enemies. The fighting is one of a kind. The game is a great mix between crushing beat downs and using technology to move around like a true detective.

Final Thought On The Henry Adams Batman

The Henry Adams Batman is another edition of this amazing yet highly diverse world. There are so many renditions of Batman, and you can expect many more. They will keep coming in the form of TV shows, cartoons, games, and movies. There are so many Batman villains that it becomes easy to create more villains.

One of the biggest takeaways from this game to increase your Batman Factor is that you need to be ready to brawl at any time. Batman is the one who goes toward what everyone else is running from and drops right in the middle of some of the most dangerous people in Gotham.

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