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Guide to The Batwing Batplane- 4 Best Batwings Created

Some call it the Batwing others call it the Batplane because that is how it was first referred to in the comics. The terms are referring to Air Batman, or how Batman manages to get around in the air.

The Batmobile is what he drives around in, and it’s been seen whipping around Gotham much more. Now and then, though, he needs a different vehicle for an advantage in the air.

The Batplane is special because it reminds you that Batman is a billionaire. A lot of people can afford a nice car like the Batmobile. But not many can afford their own private fighter jet. The Batplane comes equipped with guns and other cool features that make Batman seem unstoppable in it.

History of The Batwing

The first-ever vehicle introduced in the Batman comics was not actually the Batmobile. It was the Batgyro that is pictured above. It was first introduced in September of 1939, and the Batmobile would not be seen until two years later. He only briefly refers to it as the Batgyro and then begins to call it the Batplane.

The Batplane name stuck, but over the years, some also began to call it the Batwing because of the 1989 film by Tim Burton. But despite how the Batplane first looked like a helicopter, it was not able to hover. The aircraft had to keep moving forward like expected from a plane. The Batgryo only lasted a few episodes before it evolved.

The Batplane changed into a normal plane. There was nothing special about it. It was a private plan that Batman used that came in dark batman colors. In the ’40s, the plane evolved again by giving Batman his first Jet-Propelled plane. The plane made its appearance during World War II. The War made it clear that jets were the future of combat aircraft.

In Detective comics no.108 in 1946, the Batplane got an upgrade with two Jet Engines under the wings. But the version of the Batwing did not last very long at all.

Batplane II

A much more permenant change was made to the Batplane in the 50s in issue No.61 after Batman and Robin lost the the Batplane in an accident. They went into engineer mode and built their new Batplane from scratch in the Batcave. They built in more features, weapons and gadgets including the ability to become a submarine.

Batplane III

The plane was modeled after a Lockheed F-104 Star Fighter. It only appeared (no.167) in one issue because it came when DC was trying to find its footing with the Dark Knight. They were trying to revive the comic and figure out what would stick.

Batplane IV – Was from Batman No.20s, and it gave a behind-the-scenes look into the Batcave. You see a new Batwing hanging in the episode, but it’s never deployed for use in an episode.

Batplane V and VI – These renditions were seen only a few times in the 70s and 80s. The plane was a topline fighter from the US Navy and Air Force. Only a few of these planes were made, so it would make sense that the Billionaire worked out getting one off the books.

Batplane VII – The version of the Batwing was based on the F-15 fighter Jet.

Batplane VIII – The batwing was the first to have the Batman logo shape that we first saw in the 1989 movie with Tim Burton. It set a new trajectory for the batwing in future movies.

Why is The Batwing so Iconic?

Makes Batman a Bit More Super

When Batman has no superpowers, he has to rely on every advantage that he can. The reality is that so many other superheroes can fly, but Batman cannot. The Batwing gave him the ability to fly and gave him a fighting chance against others who can.

You also understand the economic power that Bruce Wayne has with the Batplane. It’s not easy to get a private jet, never mind one built for fighting crime.

Reveals How Smart Bruce Wayne is

In the comics, you see Bruce Wayne get under the hood of his vehicles. He even builds one of his Batplanes from scratch. Bruce knows engineering well enough to build himself his own plan. It’s not like he is bringing many contractors into the Batcave to build it for him.

Everyone knows Batman can fight, but what he does not get enough credit for is how smart he is. He is brilliant in Martial arts, engineering, forensics, psychology, and so many other areas.

Bruce Wayne is Always Prepared

You see this when Batman prepares to fight Superman. Superman is superior, but Batman is ready with the Kryptonite. He is always prepared for what life may throw at him.

The same is true with vehicles. He has the Batmobile, Batcycle, Batboat, and Batwing all at his disposal so he can win the fight of the day.

Best of The Batwings

The Batwing is iconic in the movies. Every time it makes an appearance, Batman fans get excited and giddy. As stated before, it’s one of the coolest vehicles and one of the hardest to duplicate in real life.

You know when Batman turns to the Batplane, that he means business. They are always armed with machine guns and some of the coolest gadgets that Batman ever uses. Here is our list of the best.

4. Batman Forever

The Batman forever Batwing matches the world it was built for. It’s flashy and has all of the lights on it to make it look cool. Kids love this, but you realize that this vehicle misses the point when you really think about the Dark Knight.

Batman is a symbol to strike fear into enemies, and part of that is knowing how to operate in stealth mode. The Darkness is Batman’s greatest advantage. If you make his vehicle with all of these bright lights on it so that it’s easy to see, what’s the point.

3. Batman vs Superman Batwing

Batman vs. Superman had a Batwing that felt like a straight military-grade machine made to kill people on sight. The only reason it’s as low as it is because it felt like an alien ship, and it was almost so destructive it did not feel like Batman at all.

There is no doubt that Batman used the Batwing to kill people, and he did not even think twice about it. All we know is this is the type of vehicle you want on your team and never against you.

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2. The Bat From Dark Knight Rises

Dark Knight Rises wins the best Batwing reveal by far. The scene where Batman returns is so exciting for the audience. Then the cops think they have Batman and he comes rolling out of the corner with The Bat.

The vehicle did not fit what we have typically seen from the Batwing, but it fits the movie well. Christopher Nolan really tried to make the world of Gotham much more realistic than what we had seen in the past. The Bat was the perfect combination of technology, fear, and practicality.

1. 1989 BatWing

The 1989 Batwing and the entire scene was simply amazing. The Batwing being made and branded perfectly for Batman was the first win. The vehicle and the interior all looked how you would expect the vehicle to look. It didn’t seem very easy to fly for anyone other than Batman.

The other thing that made this scene great is the comedy in it. It was amazing that Batman brought out the Batwing to steal the Jokers ballons. That then made the Joker made, and he turns around and kills his most loyal goon, Bob. It made our top comical scenes for a reason.

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