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FENYR SuperSport – The 900hp Monster from Dubai

fenyr supersport batmobile

Feeling a little too commonplace in your Lambo?  Maybe your Maclaren just isn’t turning the heads it used to.  Well prepare to stand out from the crowd at Monaco with the 900hp $1,850,000 Fenyr SuperSport from W Motors.

Named after the monstrous wolf from Norse mythology that tore the right hand from Týr, the Fenyr is the second model produced by boutique hypercar manufacturer W Motors.  Based in Dubai, the company’s first car, the Lykan Hypersport, caught the attention of the world elite with its modern, aggressive styling and Veyron-topping price tag of over $3,000,000 not to mention appearances in the Fast and Furious and Forza franchises.  The Fenyr is set to begin production this year with a run of 25 units, which may seem small, but is much higher than the mere 7 Lykans produced.


With a price tag surpassing that of other hypercars (like the Ferrari LaFerrari or Porsche 918) the performance of the Fenyr SuperSport has some pretty high expectations.  To keep up with its rivals W Motors partnered with Porsche tuner RUF to create a custom flat-six 4.0L twin turbo engine that outputs a tire shredding 900 horsepower.  All that power hurtles the car to an estimated top speed of 248mph with a 0-60 time of 2.7 seconds.  Weight is kept under 2,700lbs due to a full carbon fiber body over an aluminum chassis.