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Emperor Joker: The One Who Turned Reality Into A Joke

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We all know that Joker is a very intelligent and cunning villain. He is not just a threat to Batman and Gotham. But can be a threat to the world if left unchecked. Two of the storyline examples of Joker nearly destroying the world are Superman: Emperor Joker story arc and the events that take place in Injustice: Gods Among Us storyline.

Superman: Emperor Joker
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Injustice: Gods Among Us

In this storyline, Joker succeeds in making Superman kill Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis. The events of the Injustice storyline take place in a parallel universe. In this Universe, Lois is pregnant with Superman’s child.

Joker succeeds in his aims when he kidnaps Lois with the help of Harley and performs surgery on Lois. They pair the key to a nuclear bomb planted in Metropolis, to Lois’s heart. Attaching the key means that if the heart of Lois Lane stops working then this will cause the nuke to trigger and destroy Metropolis completely.

When Superman comes to rescue Lois, they spray the Scarecrow’s fear toxin on Superman. This causes him to hallucinate and he starts to see Doomsday in place of Lois Lane. He captures Lois thinking of her as Doomsday and flies out of the atmosphere.

At this height, the fear toxin wears off. But when Superman comes out of the effect of the toxin, Lois Lane has already died due to asphyxiation. Her death further causes the nuke in Metropolis to detonate, killing five million people.

The Regime

This causes Superman to snap and he kills Joker in a fit of rage. He doesn’t just stop there, and starts to kill every criminal in his universe. He further takes over the world and 5 years after the events leading to the death of Lois, Superman establishes a one-Earth Regime. And rules the Regime as a ruthless dictator.

Most of the Superheroes join Superman’s regime due to the fear of execution at Superman’s hands. But Batman forms an insurgency against this oppressive regime in this storyline.

Joker caused complete destruction of this parallel world in this story and is a really deviant evil genius who will stop at nothing till he achieves what he desires. He does not even care if he dies in the process, he will still execute his plan at all costs.

Superman: Emperor Joker

This story begins with Mister Mxyzptlk. He is a fifth-dimensional being who is not a typical villain per say. And his main motive behind coming to Earth is to play silly pranks on Superman.

But when Superman’s regular foe Mister Mxyzptlk gets tired of pulling straight forward pranks on the Man of steel. He wants to try something new. Mister Mxyzptlk wants to see what would a mortal do if he gets 1% of the fifth-dimensional being’s power.

For this purpose, he selects Joker. But Joker tricks Mister Mxyzptlk into giving him 99.99% of his power. And within 69 seconds of getting this power, Joker creates a new reality in his twisted and evil image and imprisons Mister Mxyzptlk as well. Joker becomes the master of this world calling himself the “Emperor Joker“.

The world truly becomes a Joke with everybody trapped inside a torturous loop. Joker even kills Lex Luthor over and over again. He also kills the entire population of China as a Joke. But Joker places Batman on the most vicious and twisted loop of extremely painful torture and even more painful death. Joker kills Batman in a new and even more twisted way than before.

Defeat of Emperor Joker

The emperor Joker even traps Superman and changes him into a dog. He even kills Jimmy Olsen in front of Superman. But Superman can not do anything against the Joker and has been rendered powerless against the Joker’s fifth-dimensional powers.

Superman ultimately succeeds in finding the Joker’s weakness. The weakness is none other than Batman. Superman tells the Joker that he can never fully destroy the world because it would mean the death of Batman. Joker dismisses this claim by killing Batman but he brings him back to life again.

This causes the Joker to face a dilemma and lose control of his powers for long enough so that Mister Mxyzptlk can reclaim the powers. On taking the powers back Mister Mxyzptlk restores the world to the instant before Joker ever took his powers.

Superman was able to defeat the Emperor Joker by using his will in this storyline.

Batman: Brave and The Bold

Batman: Brave and the Bold is a very underrated Batman animated TV series. But it is very interesting to see Batman team up with lesser-known heroes and save the day using his wits and fists with the help of these Superheroes.

In this TV Series, an iteration of Emperor Joker is also portrayed. This happens when Batmite, the counterpart of Mister Mxyzptlk in Batman stories, comes to Earth in search of the perfect fight. He frees the Joker from Arkham Asylum and when Joker and Batman start fighting he accidentally transfers his powers to Joker instead of Batman.

This causes Joker to become the Emperor Joker and reshape reality. Joker also subjects Batman to multiple deaths using twisted ways and resurrecting him in the end. This episode is pretty dark in its approach as compared to the general lighter tone of the series.

Batman admits after dying again and again that only his sanity remains intact and he has lost everything else. On hearing this the Emperor Joker gets inside Batman’s mind to destroy him completely. But Batman is very strong-willed and shows the Joker a world where Batman does not exist and crime is widespread everywhere.

The Joker also notes that in a world without Batman, Joker does not exist. And is a perfectly normal human being in this world. In all essence, his existence is because of his arch-nemesis. On realizing this, Joker gets frightened and gives up all his power back to the Batmite.

In this story, Batman defeats Emperor Joker with his strong will alone much like Superman in Superman: Emperor Joker.

Superman: Emperor Joker
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In both the stories, it is clear that Joker is capable of doing things that no one can even think of. And maybe it is the reason that he is listed among the top comic book villains of all time.

Joker is not only a threat to the world but to all humanity as well as we have seen in the Emperor Joker storyline. If you liked this article then do visit our website for more similar articles.