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Dango Tactical Wallets – The Wallet that Packs a Punch

Dango Tactical Wallets T01

Move over loose change, here come the tools.  The Tactical Wallet from Dango Products accomplishes a little more than your average money clip.  Besides holding your essential cards, IDs and cash, their tactical model includes a 14-1 multitool, all housed together in an aerospace aluminum and genuine leather body.

Just some of the tools in the tactical wallet are enough to make any Eagle-Scout jealous:

  • Flat head screw-driver
  • Hex wrench
  • Can opener
  • Serrated/sharpened and box cutter
  • Ruler
  • Nail pryer
  • Bottle opener
  • Glass breaker

dango wallet multitool

When the going gets rough (or the screws on that outlet are looking loose) the multitool nestles into built-in safety locks that allow you to saw, cut or twist away without it coming free.  If the tactical model is a little on the extreme side for you, Dango also makes kinder, gentler looking wallets in their Dapper and Pioneer models.