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Crisis On Infinite Earths Batman & His Role

Crisis On Infinite Earths Batman & His Role

Crossovers are the stuff of comic readers’ dreams, and Crisis on Infinite Earths Batman is one of the best. It’s a chance to bring everyone and anyone into the fold, and an ensemble cast like that can only mean high stakes: really high stakes. There have been several crossover events in DC history.

Still, the Crisis on Infinite Earths event is arguably the biggest, most expansive comic book ever to be made. It was such an important event that it had to have its own incarnation in the Arrowverse. In the first part of the eventual Crisis trilogy (followed by Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis), the event has been tagged as one of the best storylines in DC history by both readers and critics alike. But not a lot is said about Crisis on Infinite Earths Batman.

Batman is usually the standout character in a major world-threatening event, as his expertise and intelligence are often the keys to stopping whatever the cause of the threat is. However, in the 1986 Crisis on Infinite Earths arc, he was largely missing. What was the Dark Knight up to during this time?

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Beginning of Crisis

At the start of the Crisis, Batman was handling business as usual as he tried to thwart yet again the Joker and one of his grand schemes of chaos. The encounter was interrupted by warming from the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen, who had grim tidings. Unfortunately, before he could spill the beans to Batman on what his warning was about, he has vanished into thin air.

When the antimatter wave begins to hit planets, we see Batman assist the Titans and Outsiders to get civilians to safety. During this activity, the Flash reappeared, trying to warn batman, but before his message could be passed across, he vanished yet again. When time began to fold on itself, Batman assembled a group of heroes to investigate the strange happenings.

Fighting the AntiMonitor

By the time the crisis is well underway, Batman is summoned alongside other heroes to help take down the shadow demons and Antimonitor’s threats in the various universes. The ensemble is quite extensive, and he is not seen for a while until the Monitor assembles a new, smaller team to battle the Antimonitor himself. It is this team that travels to the dawn of time and faces off against Mobius.

The Antimonitor and the Antimatter wave were cosmic level threats, threats neither batman nor the bat family members could effectively do anything against. Despite their apparent helplessness in the face of such a threat, Batman encourages the other heroes to remain brave, and their courage is what spurs on the heavy hitters to keep forging ahead in their bid to defeat Mobius.

Batman has always been considered one of the powerhouses of the DC heroes’ roster, even though he’s not particularly considered as a metahuman or one with powers. This would explain why his influence in the Crisis on Infinite Earths event was minimal.

However, it does not diminish the fact that even when he was powerless to stop the danger, he maintained belief in his colleagues’ rest and left the rest to them to handle. For what it is worth, Crisis on infinite earths Batman showed what it means to be a true hero then.

You can read all about the events of Crisis On Infinite Earths in the comic.

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CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths Batman

CW’s show received extra anticipation because Batman was going to be played by Kevin Conroy. He is the actor who did the voice for Batman and Bruce Wayne in Batman The Animated Series. The show receives so much acclaim because most of the kids that grew up watching in the 90s are grown with kids now.

Things did not play out the way many of the fans thought they would. He had not returned to be the hero many were accustomed to. He would be a heel version of Bruce Wayne, who needed an exoskeleton to move around. The Batman had taken a turn for the worse and become a sick killer in this version of the show.