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Best Zack Snyder Justice League Poster Options For You

The Zack Snyder Justice League poster options have become extremely popular after the release of this film in the year 2021. That year was a big one for all DC fans that wanted to see Zack’s version of‎ ‎[...]

Your Ultimate Guide To The Entire Justice League Cast

The cast of the live-action Justice League is probably one of the most well-known and heavily scrutinized casts for any comic book adaptations. We even saw most of the main characters doing their cameos in‎ ‎[...]

The Best Black Panther Flag Option For You To Buy

Black Panther (2018) movie became a blockbuster smashing all the records. Since it is the first black superhero movie with an all-black cast, the film touches on the issues of modern-day black life. It is a‎ ‎[...]

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Jingle Bells Batman Smells Lyrics

Jingle Bells Batman Smells Lyrics

The Jingle bells Batman smells lyrics, which James Lord Pierpont composed, wasn’t meant to be a Christmas song. It was not until decades after it was performed on September 15, 1857, on Washington Street in Boston‎ ‎[...]

batman Nightwalker

Batman Nightwalker: The Graphic Novel Review

Ever imagined what it would look like to tell a comic book story without the comics? Well, author Marie Lu did. Not only did she imagine it, but she also went on to write a full feature-length book, and it was a huge‎ ‎[...]

henry adams batman

Henry Adams Batman: Arkham Knight Villain

The type of villain a hero has is definitely a shoutout to the hero that individual is. That’s philosophical speak for” your villains make you” or something like that. And we have seen it many times. Different heroes‎ ‎[...]

Cosmic Spider-man

The Ultimate Guide To Cosmic Spider-Man

Superheroes as we know them are quite powerful in their own right. But after the introduction of multiverses in the comic book world. The writers introduced several different versions of the same superhero in parallel‎ ‎[...]

Batman vs Bane

Batman VS Bane: Most Iconic Matchups

A superhero is often as great as their nemesis, and the bigger the superhero, the more villainous the nemesis. A quick look at Batman’s Rogues Gallery will have you count off a high number of villains that the Bat has‎ ‎[...]

Spider-Man Hoodie: The Best Options For Fans To Buy

The year is 2021, and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been ranked as the most popular superhero of the year. And all the merchandise featuring Spider-Man is trendy as well. This includes Spider-Man hoodie‎ ‎[...]

Batman Eternal

Batman Eternal – 10 Things You Need to Know

Batman Eternal is one of the many weekly releases published by DC. Its first release was made to commemorate the 75th year anniversary of the world of Batman. Starring the eponymous character, it also features many of‎ ‎[...]

Superman vs thanos

Superman vs Thanos: Clash of The Titans

There have been many interesting competitions that have gone viral over the internet. This trend started way back when Goku became a hit in the US. And people started comparing him with Superman. And similarly, after‎ ‎[...]

Superman Unchained: A Complete Summary

Superman Unchained: A Complete Summary

Superman: Unchained is one of the most interesting stories of Superman in the New 52. The story is written by Scott Snyder. And according to the writer this story was written to challenge Superman to his limits. He‎ ‎[...]