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The Best Black Panther Birthday Cake Toppers For You

Black Panther had become a favorite among kids, especially black kids. Kids love everything related to their favorite superhero. On Halloween, they want to dress up like the King of Wakanda. On Christmas, they‎ ‎[...]

Ultimate Guide to the Marvel Studios Spoilers

Marvel Studios have taken spoilers to the next level by integrating these into their marketing strategy. MCU’s bigwig Kevin Fiege also hinted in his interviews that you could not keep everything under‎ ‎[...]

Justice League vs Avengers Competition

Avengers might have become particularly popular in recent years but Justice League is still the most powerful superhero team-up ever. You can read the comics or even watch the animated series of both these‎ ‎[...]

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An Interesting Explanation On Spider-Man Poses

An Interesting Explanation On Spider-Man Poses

Spider-Man is known for a lot of things. He possesses superhuman strength, as well as the Spidey sense. He is also extremely agile and that is why he has so many unique poses. And Spider-Man is famous for these poses‎ ‎[...]

Superman Powers

The Ultimate Superman Powers Guide

Superman is undoubtedly the strongest superhero ever. He has achieved amazing feats using his abilities. The powers of Superman that we see in animated movies or the live-action adaptations are only the tip of the‎ ‎[...]

4 books that help you become batman

4 Books to Help you Become Batman

Becoming Batman takes more than just money. It requires years of dedication and developing a huge range of skills and knowledge. The body and mind must be honed to fine instruments that can exact justice with minimal‎ ‎[...]

become a superhero

How to Become a Superhero in 7 Steps

Becoming a superhero is no easy undertaking, which might be why we see so few in the real world.  While super-powered beings have entertained us for centuries, what really captivates us is watching normal human‎ ‎[...]

Three Amazing Real Life Batcaves

The batcave is more than a secret bunker where Bruce Wayne can perform forensic analysis and one-armed pull-ups.  It represents a place of power and rejuvenation, where he can gather his thoughts and let his guard down‎ ‎[...]

carbon fiber kayak 1

10 Expensive Carbon Fiber Luxuries

Carbon Fiber has revolutionized the manufacturing world, offering a tensile strength greater than steel while being lighter than aluminum.  It is however not known for being cheap, and while there are many less‎ ‎[...]