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Captain Marvel vs Superman: The Ultimate Showdown

Captain Marvel vs Superman

After the popularity of the MCU and the introduction of Captain Marvel into Marvel’s cinematic universe. Captain Marvel vs Superman comparisons were inevitable. Fans might have been interested in Captain Marvel from the movies only.

But in truth, her character has been around for quite some time. But she took the center stage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her introduction in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers Endgame. She is considered the most powerful and the most notable superhero of the Marvel Universe. And has even got a solo movie in the MCU.

While Superman as we all know is Superman. At this point, he really does not need any type of introduction. He is among the most well-known superheroes of all time. And is the most powerful Superhero of the DC Universe. We will compare the powers and abilities of both these superheroes to declare the winner in the case of a Captain Marvel vs Superman competition.

Captain Marvel vs Superman: Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s true identity is Carol Danvers. And she is a pilot in the US Air Force. She got her superpowers after her DNA was fused with Kree DNA of the first Captain Marvel or Alien Mar-vell inside an explosion.

When she got her superpowers she adopted the name, Ms. Marvel. Over the course of her publication history, she has been known by many names such as Binary, Warbird, and most recently as Captain Marvel. She took on this name after her fallen friend the original Captain Mar-vell.


The powers of Carol Danvers have only increased with each passing day. And she has a very impressive set of superpowers under he belt. When the character was introduced her speed was just above the speed of sound but over the course of her publication history, she achieved the flying speed closer to the speed of light.

Her unique combination of human and Kree DNA makes her resistant to almost every poison. In addition to super-speed, she also possesses super-strength, extreme durability. Her main power is that she can discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy called the “Photon Blasts” to destroy her opposition. These blasts can take almost anybody down instantly.

She also has the ability to absorb other forms of energy and can channel that energy into powering herself and release devastating photon blasts. As the superhero Binary, Carol had the power to tap into the energy of a white hole essentially giving her the ability to control and bend stellar energies as well.

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Carol Danvers also possesses a very unique seventh sense. This power took some time to be properly defined by the writers. Initially, the seventh sense would take over Carol in her sleep and transform her into a superhero. Carol had no memory of what she had done when her seventh sense took her. But later this power was reworked as the ultimate version of an alert system similar to spidey sense.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that Carol Danvers might be the most powerful superhero of the Marvel Universe. But she operates at her full power most of the time. This means that she needs to use her full power in most situations.

Captain Marvel vs Superman: Superman

Captain Marvel might be the most well-known superhero in the Marvel Universe. But Superman is the most famous Superhero of all time. His blue suit and iconic red cape also make up the most well-known superhero costume across the globe. Superman is originally from the planet Krypton. And because of the imminent destruction of his home planet his father Joe-El sent him to Earth.

He was adopted by the Kents on Earth and was raised under high moral values. Over time Superman discovered that he had superpowers. His superpowers were developing because of the fact that his Kryptonian body being able to absorb the solar radiations from the Earth’s yellow sun. Clark then decided to use his newfound superpowers for the protection of the people of Earth. And adopted the persona of Superman to accomplish this task.

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Superman has some of the most insane superpowers in the entire comic book world. Superman is so powerful that he had lifted the book of eternity with Shazam implying that his powers infinite. He can lift weights more than 200 quintillion tons that is is a league of its own. There are no limits to Superman’s powers because he can absorb limitless energy from the Sun.

Superman can literally move planets and even entire solar systems with only his physical strength. A feat that no other Superhero can achieve. Superman’s punch is so powerful that he can literally shatter the space time continuum with a his punch. That is way more powerful than Shazam’s punch which can generate a black hole into existence.

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Superman has even held a black hole in his closed fist. And the comic states that the black hole was powerful enough to destroy the entire galaxy. And these are only some examples that show just how powerful Superman is.

Captain Marvel vs Shazam: Conclusion

After comparing the strengths and other abilities of both these superheroes, we can clearly declare Superman as the winner of any Captain Marvel vs Shazam competition. Captain Marvel might be a very powerful opponent but Superman has taken on enemies way more powerful than her.

Her photon blasts are nothing compared to Darkseid’s omega beam and Superman has faced these beams a lot of times. As we saw in the Injustice storyline, Superman can lobotomize anyone within a fraction of a second without even allowing the receiver any time to respond.

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And most importantly, we have probably never seen Superman at his maximum strength because his strength is infinite. Even without using his full power he has taken on enemies like Darkseid, Mongul, and Doomsday! and successfully defeated them.

While Captain Marvel regularly operates at her maximum strength in most of her encounters with her foes. This shows the huge difference between the power levels of both these superheroes. And also is the most valid argument in favor of Superman’s winning.

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