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The Bulletproof T-Shirt: The X-Shirt

batman bulletproof t-shirt

Bulletproof clothing has come a long way from the 60lb suits of armor worn in the 16th century.  From 30 layers of silk in Japan to modern kevlar vests worn today comes the newest iteration: The X-Shirt.  A bulletproof t-shirt slim and light enough to wear as an undershirt almost anywhere.

The X Shirt Bulletproof T shirt

The X-shirt is an athletic style custom compression shirt that has special built-in slots to hold patented BlackArmor CNT panels.  The panels combine super strong carbon nanotubes to aramid fibers which results in a material much lighter and more flexible than typical ballistic plates.  Once the panels are inserted the shirt is certified to hold up to a shootout with some of the most commonly used handguns, like the 9mm and .357 magnum.

x-shirt bulletproof t shirt

The X-shirt can be ordered in 4 different sizes, 5 different colors and 2 armor levels.  Either with front inserts only, or with full front and rear protection.

Buy it now $99-$899